Cirrus 1999 LXi Codes P0700, P0720, P0731

Discussion in 'Cirrus' started by miki, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. miki

    miki Guest

    I've got recently used Cirrus 1999 with 170K km on board. Drives very
    good, and for the first 2000 km done by me it was without any problem,
    but yesterday I start to learn what is this "limp mode" and how does ii
    feels like :) Actually it was going in and out from Normal-Limp-Normal,
    with speed showing 0 km/h in the time i was with 50-60km/h, and in the
    same time FUEL indicator turns ON, no matter that I put fuel just e
    minutes ago.

    OK, let's change engine oil and transmission fluid (no info when that
    was done before) and filters, too.
    Today, on my way to Canadian Tire started ENGINE CHECK light... cool.

    They told me, that they can change oil and fluid + filters for $134 -
    that's OK.
    About the ENGINE CHECK - not sure, about $90/h, but noot sure if they
    can fix transmission problem at the site. Doesn' look good to me.

    Fluids changed. After that I met somebody, who offer to check the
    Engine for me, for free, with tool bought from CTire. Very good, and
    then those codes apperaed:
    P 0700 - which by the Cirrus book means AT Fault Deected
    P 0720 - which i found on the net, that for Chrysler PT Cruiser means
    Output Speed Detector Doesen't match the vehicle speed - I presume the
    same will be for the Cirrus
    P 0731 - which I didn't foud nowhere what does it means.

    Can anybody help me, please ?

    miki, Sep 22, 2006
  2. miki

    Greg Houston Guest

    It sounds like you need a new output transmission speed sensor, a common
    replacement item. The part costs about $30 and you can replace it yourself
    if you can get under the car. I don't have a Cirrus manual, so I can't
    tell you anymore about the replacement. The part should be widely
    available at any dealer and you might want to consider replacing the input
    transmission speed sensor (separate part #) while you're at it.

    P0700 - generic transmission problem code. If you can get codes on your
    odometer, this may be the only one you see.
    P0720 - output speed sensor as you noted. Even without this specific code,
    the combination of limp mode and speedometer not working gives a fairly
    good idea your output sensor is shot.
    P0731 - First gear incorrect ratio. Most likely related to output sensor
    failure and set when the car initially shifted into first gear without a
    working sensor.

    These codes may set the MIL (check engine) light themselves, (without
    manual I can't tell you for sure), so fix them first - replace that
    sensor. The low fuel may be set by mileage, which is hard to compute
    without speed (odometer).

    All in all, you should be pretty lucky- these sensors are not a big deal.

    PLEASE report back what you find. Thanks!
    Greg Houston, Sep 23, 2006
  3. miki

    Lou G Guest

    Greg, good advice. I have a 99 Cirrus and had an input sensor fail
    awhile back. I replaced both sensors at the same time, very simple job.
    The output sensor can be done from under the front drivers side and the
    input sensor was easier to get at by removing the hold down screws for
    the transmission control module and moving it up and out of the way.
    The input sensor is located between the cooling lines. A 1" open end
    wrench worked well on the output sensor and a 1" deep socket worked
    well on the input.

    Good luck!
    Lou G
    Lou G, Sep 23, 2006
  4. miki

    miki Guest

    Thank you Greg for the information.

    The old sensor was with a lot of metal on it, which I cleaned and put
    it back. Car was still hot and it looked like it should be OK -shifted
    all gears, speedometer was working. On the next day morning, on cold
    start, the sensor wasn't working again, so I went to the dealer. On my
    way back, after 20 km driving, suddenly sensor started to work again
    and instead of driving with 3000 rpm in 2nd gear it shifts all gears,
    as usual. Strange, huh. Anyway, I replaced the sensor and hopefully
    that will fix this trouble in the system.
    It cost me $44 CAD from the Chrysler dealer. Now it works good, but
    Computer is still in training period - I took out the battery (-) end
    and that reseted the memory and erased error messages which were stored
    Next week I'll have a long trip and after that I'll post an update on
    this topic.

    Thank you Lou for this easy way of access to the output sensor.
    Unfortunately I found it myself after I followed instructions from the
    Chrysler's book (on that time this web site wasan't updated yet with
    your message), which means:
    -remove Air Filter
    -remove Transmission module
    -remove the Computer
    After that, actually there was no access from the top for the Output
    sensor. Cool.

    So after I saw the location of the sensor, I removed the battery cover
    and with the wheels turned for right turn I've got full access to the
    sensor. Actually instead of 90-100 minutes working from the top (and
    asking yourself "well, after I put this Computer back..."), you can
    remove the battery cover under the front right fender for 2-3 minutes,
    change the sensor, close and finish in less than 10 minutes. And you
    can do that on your parking spot.

    Now I have to get the right tool for the input sensor, just in case.

    All the best to you guys,
    miki, Sep 28, 2006
  5. miki

    Greg Houston Guest

    Cool! I'm glad it worked out.
    Greg Houston, Sep 30, 2006
  6. miki

    miki Guest

    Update: after 1000 km with the new Otput Speed Sensor everything looks
    and works fine :)
    miki, Oct 12, 2006
  7. miki

    Greg Houston Guest

    Excellent. Glad everything worked out and thanks for posting the
    Greg Houston, Oct 13, 2006
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