Chrysler's Fiat-influenced product plan

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    November 9, 2009 - 10:10 am ET
    By 2014, 12 nameplates from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram will have
    heavy Fiat influence. They will either be developed on Fiat Group platforms
    or rebadged and imported from the Fiat Group. For example, a fwd Lancia
    will be badged as a Chrysler. A subcompact Jeep will share a platform with
    the next-generation Fiat Panda Cross. A redesigned Chrysler Sebring and
    Dodge Avenger will evolve from an unspecified Fiat Group platform.

    Chrysler's newest brand, Ram, will add two rebadged vans from Fiat.

    Rear-drive vehicles, namely trucks and big cars, will continue to be
    Chrysler's area of expertise. The next-generation Charger will woo baby
    boomers, with styling cues drawn from the iconic 1968-1970 Chargers.

    Meanwhile, Ram executives say the model line will be expanded up to
    Class 5 medium-duty trucks. It is an effort to push Ram sales over the
    400,000 mark. Last year, Chrysler sold 245,840 Rams

    While V-8 engines such as the Hemi will continue to play a prominent
    role in the automaker's largest vehicles, Fiat's four-cylinder engines will
    rule elsewhere. Displacements will range from 1.4 to 2.0 liters.

    Chrysler executives project that in 2014, Fiat-derived engines will
    account for 42 percent of the company's mix. Chrysler's new Pentastar V-6
    family, developed before Fiat came on the scene, will account for 38

    Hybrid development will continue. The 2011 Ram pickup hybrid is slated
    for next year.

    Additionally, Fiat-designed dual-clutch transmissions will be offered,
    beginning at the end of 2010.

    Listed below are Chrysler Group's future vehicle plans through 2014,
    from the company and other sources. All references are for the calendar

    Dodge car

    Subcompact: The fwd car will be a rebadged version of the next
    generation Alfa Romeo MiTo three-door hatchback. It debuts here in the 2013
    calendar year.

    Caliber: A new interior is featured on the 2010 model. Caliber
    production will end in 2012.

    Compact sedan: The car will be developed on a Fiat Group platform;
    production begins here in 2012.

    Avenger: Late in 2010, the Avenger will receive a new grille,
    headlights, and front and rear fascias. A redesign is due in 2013, using a
    Fiat Group platform.

    Journey: A freshened exterior, new interior and handling improvements
    are due late in 2010.

    Grand Caravan: An exterior facelift is planned in late 2010, along
    with interior and handling improvements. The next-generation minivan debuts
    in 2014. Still to be decided is whether Dodge will sell a short wheelbase

    Charger: A new Charger debuts late next year. The sheet metal and
    interior are new. The Charger will continue to share a vehicle platform with
    the Challenger and Chrysler 300. The re-engineered platform incorporates a
    new rear suspension. The current suspension was adopted from the
    Mercedes-Benz E class.

    Challenger: Minor exterior and interior changes are slated for 2012.

    Nitro: Production ends in 2011. A replacement is under consideration.

    Large crossover: A seven-seater based on the redesigned Jeep Grand
    Cherokee platform is due next year.

    Viper: Dodge's V-10-powered sports car goes out of production in
    mid-2010. A replacement is under review, possibly for 2012.


    Dakota: Production of the small pickup ends in the 2011 calendar.

    Mid-sized pickup: A unibody pickup is under consideration but not yet

    Ram 1500: Engine and minor styling changes are planned in 2012.

    Ram heavy-duty: Engine and minor styling changes are slated in 2012.

    Ram chassis cab: Debuts in 2010. Engine and minor styling changes are
    slated for 2012.

    Small van: The next-generation, fwd Fiat Doblo will be imported from
    either Turkey or Brazil in 2012. It will be about same size as the Ford
    Transit Connect.

    Full-sized van: Sales begin here in 2012. Although not identified by
    Chrysler, the van will either be the body-on-frame Iveco Daily or unibody
    Fiat Ducato. The truck will be assembled in North America.


    Subcompact: The next-generation Lancia Ypsilon five-door hatchback
    will be rebadged and sold here as a Chrysler starting in 2013. The car is
    expected to be about size of the Ford Fiesta and Mini Cooper.

    Compact sedan: The new car will be developed on a Fiat Group platform.
    Sales begin in 2012.

    PT Cruiser: Production ends in late 2010. A final edition model is

    Sebring: New front and rear styling changes are planned for late 2010,
    as well as a new interior. The suspension will be retuned for a sporty ride.
    A redesigned Sebring will be developed here on a Fiat Group platform; sales
    begin in 2013.

    Mid-sized crossover: The vehicle will be developed on a Fiat Group
    platform. Sales start in 2013.

    300: The next-generation 300 debuts late in 2010. The car receives all
    new sheet metal but styling change are evolutionary. Significant styling
    cues from 2005 model.

    Town & Country: The front end is restyled and the interior receives
    some upgrades in 2010. Chrysler's goal is to take the Town & Country
    upmarket, aiming it at affluent families. The next generation arrives in
    2014. Significant exterior and interior styling differences are expected,
    separating the Chrysler from the Dodge Caravan.


    Subcompact SUV: A small SUV is planned in 2013, based on the platform
    for the next generation Fiat Panda Cross.

    Patriot: Minor exterior and interior changes are planned for 2010.
    Production ends in 2012.

    Compass: Minor exterior and interior changes are slated for 2010. The
    Compass will be dropped in 2012.

    Compact crossover: The unnamed crossover will be developed on a Fiat
    Group platform. Sales begin in 2013.

    Wrangler: A new interior is scheduled for 2010. A new powertrain will
    be offered in 2011.

    Liberty: Minor cosmetic and interior changes are planned for 2010. The
    redesigned Liberty debuts in 2013, based on a Fiat Group platform.

    Commander: U.S. production ends late in 2010. The Commander may be
    assembled outside North America for export markets.

    Grand Cherokee: The redesigned Grand Cherokee and next-generation
    Mercedes-Benz full-size SUVs are linked at the hip. Vehicle development
    started when Daimler owned Chrysler. Component sharing is expected to
    continue for several years. The redesigned Grand Cherokee debuts in May 2010
    Rob, Nov 12, 2009
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