Changing/Flushing antifreeze Lebaron, ''95, 3.0L V6.

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by mm, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. mm

    mm Guest

    Well, I can't believe it but I've forgotten how to change the
    anti-freeze. This must be the start of Oldtimers Disease.

    It was warm in Baltimore yesterday, and a good day to flush the
    cooling system. Lebaron, ''95, 3.0L V6.

    I ran the engine until it was hot or at least warm.

    The petcock opens with no tools -- that's nice.

    I drained the coolant into one of those rectangular bottles that lie
    in their side; I removed the thermostat and flushed for 5 minutes with
    a garden hose in the radiator neck until the water ran clear. Let it
    drain, put back the petcock, put back the thermostat, filled the
    radiator with 50/50, but it took less than a gallon.

    Ran the engine a minute or two until I realized that maybe I had only
    filled the radiator.

    Went to see if I could add more coolant, but I couldn't. Usually I
    can keep adding and adding, even when it starts way above empty.

    I added about 3 quarts, when the capacity is 8. (That's right, isn't

    After sitting all night, today I could add a 3 or 4 ounces more.

    Could it be I never drained the engine after all? How could that be
    when I removed the thermostat and the petcock and after flushing let
    it sit until nothing was coming out of the petcock hole.?

    There's a big chuckhole in the road near here. Maybe I should go
    drive over that.

    I found a lot of webpages about changing antifreeze, and all but one
    said nothing about the thermostat, not even to consider changing the
    thermostat when changing the antifreeze. Lots of webpages about
    flushing the engine and not a one about removing the thermostat to
    help this. Even though one page went into the fact that the
    thermostat closes when it's cold. -- They all seemed to talk about
    flushing the radiator and not about flushing the engine.

    P.S. I also got a Felpro gasket for the thermostat and it has a
    brown plastic ring on the inside circumference on one side. But
    nothing on the card to say which side of the gasket goes up. Which


    mm, Feb 19, 2011
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