Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by powrwrap, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. powrwrap

    philthy Guest

    yes it can, but they are also getting a datastream of info recorded they
    are not just after faultcodes
    philthy, Jan 6, 2007
  2. powrwrap

    powrwrap Guest

    The dealership couldn't get the car to exhibit the problem with
    Co-Pilot hooked up so they sent me home with it installed for driving
    over the weekend. I noticed they put 99 miles on the vehicle, so I
    would say they definitely tried and I obviously got more than 1 hour of
    work performed. They told me that Co-Pilot would only record two
    episodes so there was no need to try to get more than two events.

    This morning, from a cold start, about 5-6 minutes after starting and
    just about at the fully warmed up point, the engine started to stumble
    and stutter. I was ready with the button on the Co-Pilot and as I
    approached a stop sign the vehicle died. I pushed the button. After the
    Co-Pilot cycled through it's procedure and the lights were reset, I
    restarted the car.

    One thing--when the car died the cruise control light lit up. This has
    happened before, and hopefully it is another clue.

    With the button at the ready, and while traveling about 35-40 mph, the
    engine started to stutter again, the tach going down-up-down-up. After
    a nice episode of tach dancing I pushed the button again.

    Once the vehicle was completely warmed up and had been shut off and
    restarted (I stopped at a couple of places while out driving) it would
    no longer show any problems with drivability.

    I got some good data points. <crosses fingers>
    powrwrap, Jan 6, 2007
  3. powrwrap

    powrwrap Guest

    Just heard from the dealership. They read the codes off the Co-Pilot
    and they are getting alternating false signals from the camshaft AND
    crankshaft sensors. This leads them to believe it is either the cam
    sensor, the crank sensor, the wiring from the sensors, or the computer
    control box. They said they tested the wiring and found it to be good
    and since I've had two sets of cam and crank sensors installed, they
    suspect the computer control box.

    They said I could continue to do diagnostic work at $107 an hour--for
    example have a guy drive the car and another guy riding along with a
    scan tool attached until the problem occurred, in which case they would
    probably get the same error codes as the Co-Pilot and reach the same

    They asked a couple of technicians for opinions and it was
    unanimous--computer control box. I asked about them calling and
    consulting with Chrysler Corporation and they said they are supposed to
    exhaust every possible cure before calling them and if the computer box
    didn't fix it they would call them.

    A remanufactured Chrysler unit is $590 plus the hour worth of
    diagnostic work brings it to a little over $700.

    I gave them the go-ahead to replace the box.
    powrwrap, Jan 8, 2007
  4. powrwrap

    maxpower Guest

    If they are seeing problems with the cam and crank at the same time, I would
    suspect a PCM or a wiring problem. The cam and crank get the 8 volt supply
    from the same pin (#44 orange wire at the C2 connector) I have seen this
    many times before, but normally by hitting the PCM with a small hammer you
    can get the vehicle to shut off.
    It could also be that 1 wire that comes from the PCM to the cam and crank.
    They could have checked that wire by putting a load on it and did a wiggle
    test or simply hard wire a new wire into the circuit. My guess would be the
    PCM is at fault if they indeed saw both cam and crank signal go out.
    Just a thought

    maxpower, Jan 8, 2007
  5. powrwrap

    powrwrap Guest

    They suspect a loose connection inside the PCM. I brought up the hammer
    test but they didn't seem too open to the suggestion, saying that they
    could continue to rack up diagnostic charges and still reach the same
    conclusion--bad PCM.

    They said they tested the wiring by putting current through it so I'm
    guessing they did exactly as you are suggesting.
    Thanks, Glenn, you've been most helpful.
    powrwrap, Jan 8, 2007
  6. powrwrap

    maxpower Guest

    Yup that's what they did!!! more then likely that will fix your problem with
    the PCM
    maxpower, Jan 8, 2007
  7. powrwrap

    MT-2500 Guest

    Good luck on it.
    That was a tough and expensive call.
    Let us know how it goes.
    Just for information.
    The pcm is under federal emmisions warranty for 8 years or 80K and calf
    may be more.
    In case of tough cam or crank sensor codes I always like to check the
    sensors with a lab scope.
    The lab scope is about the only true way to test the sensors.
    Did they give you the code no they got?
    MT-2500, Jan 8, 2007
  8. powrwrap

    powrwrap Guest

    The total came to "only" $678.
    The acid test is tomorrow morning from a cold start. If I can get
    through the first 5-7 miles it should be OK.

    I'm over the 8 years, but under the 80K.

    How do you test them?

    No. But here's the write-up on my receipt:

    "Checked Co-Pilot data. In the first recording the crank sensor signal
    was lost. In the second recording the cam sensor signal was lost.
    Inspected wiring for cam and crank position sensors, resistance tested,
    8 V circuit, ground, cam signal and crank signal wires from PCM. Each
    circuit could draw power well. Light bulb lit up bright on each
    circuit. That left PCM as only possible cause for concern."

    Thanks for your input also. It's been quite the learning experience.
    powrwrap, Jan 8, 2007
  9. powrwrap

    maxpower Guest

    Its to bad such an easy thing could be dragged out so long

    maxpower, Jan 8, 2007
  10. powrwrap

    MT-2500 Guest

    You are welcome and 10-4 it has gave you fit.

    That is a bummer on being over on time on pcm warranty.

    A lab scope is on the order of a ign scope.
    But it is for checking electrical signals like all sensors signals.
    When hooked up to the sensor it will graft out the true sensor signal
    and show any signal glitzes/break down/up or acting up.
    It gets down to the nitty gritty when testing sensors.

    With a dual lab scope you could watch the crank and cam signal at the
    same time and see if there is any signal lose or break up.
    But it needs to be tested at the time it acts up.

    We hope the PCM fixes it.
    But If it gives you any more problems I would ask for a lab scope
    Good Luck MT
    MT-2500, Jan 8, 2007
  11. powrwrap

    philthy Guest

    call carquest and see if they offer a loaded reman unit
    philthy, Jan 10, 2007
  12. powrwrap

    powrwrap Guest

    OK, three days of driving, about 90 miles, including three cold starts,
    and no problems. I think we've got it fixed.
    powrwrap, Jan 11, 2007
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