Brake Problem '96 Concorde 3.3 - Possibly ABS?

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by njoracle, May 15, 2007.

  1. njoracle

    njoracle Guest

    '96 Concorde LXI 3.3 no traction control, 132K miles

    When I step on the brake pedal, car starts to slow okay. Then the pedal
    begins to "chatter" (it's tough to describe what it exactly sounds and
    feels like) and it feels like the braking system is failing. If I push
    the pedal even harder, it stops chattering and the braking system brings
    the car to a stop.

    Had a mechanic drive it and he thinks it may be the ABS motor pulsing
    and causing a chattering in the brake pedal. He said that he could hook
    up their diagnostic system to check the codes but he wasn't sure how
    much information you can get from the ABS computer for a 1996.

    Occasionally, the ABS light will go on which I understand means the ABS
    system is not working. When that happens, I have no problem with the
    brake pedal chattering. Everything appears to work fine except I don't
    get the advantage of the ABS.


    1. Will I get any useful information from reading ABS computer/controller?

    2. How much of a difference will there be information obtained from the
    computer if the measurment is taken with the ABS light on versus the ABS
    light being off? The problem here is if the ABS light comes on and I
    take it to the mechanic, he will say I have to leave it. When he gets to
    it and starts the car up, the ABS light will be off.

    3. Any guess as to what part of the ABS might be causing this?
    njoracle, May 15, 2007
  2. njoracle

    Steve Guest

    Easy way to tell- pull the ABS master fuse and see if the car stops
    normally. If it does, its the ABS. Me? I'd just leave the d*mn fuse out.
    The braking system in the first-gen LH cars reverts to a conventional
    system (with proportioning valves and everything) if the ABS is shut down.
    Steve, May 15, 2007
  3. njoracle

    Scrapper Guest

    i agree take the fuse out...but it dose sound like the abs pump also you
    want to check the rear brakes and it usually don't do it when you leave
    it some where to get checked that's the way it gose...

    good luck......
    Scrapper, May 15, 2007
  4. njoracle

    Joe Guest

    That's exactly what I would do too.

    The way it works, the pump is only caused to come on for one reason - A low
    pedal. If it's coming on when the pedal is higher, then the switch that
    regulates that must be screwed up. The pump doesn't really come on when the
    system is actively working. It comes on when the pedal drops low as a
    result of the ABS system dumping fluid off.
    Joe, May 17, 2007
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