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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by SEO, Oct 21, 2008.

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    SEO Guest

    Most people already realize that search engine optimized (SEO) web
    content is the best way to organically achieve a better search engine
    position. Because SEO content can be such a crucial element to driving
    traffic to a website, SEO service providers are in high demand.
    However, many people who pay SEO companies to write or optimize their
    web content discover that the results are poor (or even nonexistent).
    Of course, this realization usually comes after the check has been
    cashed---when it’s too late.

    As it turns out, finding a reputable search engine marketing company
    can be a surprisingly difficult and daunting task. Honest people often
    fall victim to SEO companies that use “black hat” techniques, which
    frequently result in getting the client’s website banned from the
    search engines all together.

    That said, there are some companies that take pride in their
    reputation, relying on satisfied clients to recommend them to future
    clients. One search engine marketing company that has been a bastion
    of integrity in the SEO business is Unlike some
    companies that over charge and under deliver, Rankpay has a unique
    pricing model that enables clients to pay after better search engine
    rankings have been achieved.

    This “pay only after you’re satisfied with the results” way of doing
    business has done wonders to distinguish Rankpay in the crowded SEO
    marketplace. Additionally, all pricing is figured out before the SEO
    work has been done, so there are never any surprises or added fees to
    worry about. On the Rankpay site, the prices for each search engine
    are clearly displayed, based on the rankings obtained.

    With Rankpay, there are absolutely no setup fees and no money is
    required up front to get the SEO ball rolling. If the SEO work doesn’t
    do anything to improve a client’s rankings, the client doesn’t have to
    pay. (Wouldn’t it be nice if all companies operated this way?)

    While many SEO companies will optimize keywords, few actually do the
    research necessary to determine the SEO strength of each client’s
    competitors. This is another area where Rankpay stands out: Rankpay
    not only researches the competition, but also provides realistic
    expectations for each client in terms of where their company will rank
    on each search engine in relation to its competitors.

    For people who want to increase traffic to their website, maneuvering
    around shady SEO companies has never been harder than it is today. In
    a world where scam companies are practically foaming at the mouth to
    take advantage of those who don’t know better, risk-free and effective
    services like Rankpay are a breath of fresh air.
    SEO, Oct 21, 2008
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    Bill Putney Guest

    Gee - that sounds exactly like something a scammer would say to their
    marks about themselves. But then again, you're spamming on a newsgroup,
    so you must be good and honest. What was I thinking!?
    Bill Putney, Oct 22, 2008
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