Best Plugs & Wiring Cables - 2000 Concorde 111K Miles

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by jaygreg, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. jaygreg

    jaygreg Guest

    The update continues...
    All 4 front cradle cushions and bolts replaced without incident. All 4
    Monroe Quick-Struts installed successfully. Attention now shifts to
    the ignition system and tire replacement.

    Would appreciate recommendations for:

    1) wiring cables (harness) for this 3.2L engine
    2) plugs
    3) tires (Ran Firestone Turanza for over 75K. Discontinued now. Plan
    to keep the car for another 50 - 75K .... assuming body appearance
    holds. No signs of rust yet... but I live in Ohio and I have concerns
    about those brake lines. In fact, let's through that in as #4.
    4) any advice on protecting brake lines that already show outward
    signs of corrosion? One recommendation received by the automotive
    trade school teacher who's class did the cradle mount and strut
    replacements was to spray the lines with "Penetrol".

    P.S. I've had this car since it's first 25K miles; 2003. I wasn't in
    love with it but I considered it a good value; repoed then auctioned.
    It's had an evaporator and two door actuators replaced (the later by
    me). I keep worrying about the transmission and the air compressor;
    I'm probably paranoid from the transy stories I've read here. The auto
    mechanics teacher told me there's no reason to assume I'll need to
    replace that air compressor in the Spring just because it 's seen 111k

    Making the decision for these major repairs just this last November/
    December - with positive outcomes - has changed my attitude toward
    this car. I kinda' like it now! It rides like it's brand new, has lots
    of room, feels like the body's good and tight (nothing squeaks). So
    the tires I plan to put on will be something of decent quality that
    are expected to last probably another 75K.

    There is a deep tone (rumble-like) coming from what I think is the
    rear resonator but I'll have that looked at next trip to the shop. I
    don't anticipate any heavy expense even if the resonator needs
    replaced... or am I foolin' myself?
    jaygreg, Jan 31, 2010
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