Bad cluster???

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by reigningscorpios, Sep 7, 2023.

  1. reigningscorpios


    Sep 7, 2023
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    I don't know whats up with my account, but anyway, I posted about a 97 caravan cluster problem, had 47 views and no responce, so , thank you, and just to let you know I FOUND OUT WHAT WAS WRONG.
    The problem ended up being a bad body control module. Replaced it and everything works.
    But a little too well. Now the alarm has shut the van down. I asked the lady if she had an alarm button, and she said "for what?". She had no idea that the van had an alarm all the years she has owned it.
    So, with no alarm button,,, how do I shut it off so the van will start again?
    I don't know if I will get an answer and I don't know why I didn't before,, and I am no good at these forum things. Im trying, but I think i'm doing something wrong. IDK
    reigningscorpios, Sep 7, 2023
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