Bad brakes 97 dodg ram 4x4 360 RWAL brakes

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by paulsblog, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. paulsblog

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    Hi all
    I have a 97 dodge ram 4x4 with rwal brakes, they feel ok when
    stopping normal , but in a fast or sudden stop
    where you press harder on the petal they seem to run out of reserve
    booster petal from this point on you need two feet to stop the truck,
    but it still dosent stop fast, you would have a hard time locking the
    brakes up in the rain. (rwal disconected for this test)
    I checked out the power booster per service manual and passed all test
    (still vacume after 24 hrs for 2 petal pushes)
    The brakes were blead in proper order, brake shoes were ok and proper
    clearence was checked. cleaned and checked brake pads , they were ok
    I replaced the master cylinder and bled it the proper way (had a extra
    new one)
    both the brake and yellow rwal light come on once in a while but go
    out when they feel like it.
    I had driven the truck with the rwal disconected again , this isnt
    helping at all in a sudden stop.
    Could the nitrogen charged rear hydrolic control unit lost some
    pressure or lost its charge altogther
    And causing the brake fluid to migrate up into the valve body, It kind
    of works like a bladder for a well pump
    but is controled to pulsate ,depending on feed back from the sensor in
    the rear end , how fast the weels are spining What about the
    combination valve? could that be defective.
    Like i said the system has no air or any type of gas in the lines,but
    the petal feels like it when stopping fast
    paulsblog, Jul 27, 2006
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