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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by E. Johnson, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. E. Johnson

    E. Johnson Guest

    About 18 months ago I purchased 4 new Aquatred 3 tires from a local
    Chrysler dealer for my '98 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 3.3. It had about
    75,000 miles.

    About 12 months ago I seemed to be having tire vibration issues. I
    brought it in and they replaced the front axle, CV joints, and did an

    About 6 months ago it had tires rotated. At that time they noticed
    that one of the CV joints and boots needed replacing, and the sway bar
    linkages needed to be replaced. I didn't have the work done at the
    time because I didn't feel this was true.

    Two weeks ago I bought it to a mechanic I've had work on my other
    vehicles for a brake job, and to ask about the continued vibration,
    which is getting worse. He found that the front left strut is going
    bad, and all four tires are badly scalloped and need replacing. I
    asked him about the CV boot and the linkages, and he said they looked

    I had another mechanic look at the vehicle and he confirmed the bad
    scalloping, and also confirmed one strut going bad but no other

    I brought it down to the dealer yesterday to have them give me a feel
    on how the warranty would be treated for the tires, since at this
    point they have 27,000 miles on them and need replacing. Here is their

    Both front struts are leaking.
    One rear shock needs replacing.
    Sway bar linkages are totally worn and need replacing.
    All four tires are at over 50lbs pressure which immediately voids
    warranty on the tires.
    Charging me either $41 for the diagnosis, or around $1300 for all the
    work needed including four new tires they'll offer me at a "discount."

    The funny thing is, I checked the pressure in the two front tires
    before I brought it down and they were at 38Lbs, which is just a
    little over the 35lbs recommended.

    Thoughts? Opinions? I knew they would fight, but I didn't realize
    they'd be so aggressive. I'll be interested to see how pumped up my
    tires look when I pick it up tonight. I'll also see what kind of a
    stink they put up when I refuse to pay them the diagnostic charge.
    E. Johnson, Jul 15, 2003
  2. E. Johnson

    karl davis Guest

    Dealers always find more wrong with your car than there is. my advice is
    as good as dealer service can be ,if it's already out of warranty look for
    an honest mechanic( hard to find ) or go somewhere that fixes what you tell
    them to
    karl davis, Jul 16, 2003
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