about edz engine chrysler 2,4L

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sakis, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. sakis

    sakis Guest

    ..dear sirs
    i have a problem to identify my edz engine by the Greec State ,i can
    not find the location of the engine type, which must be stumped
    /engraved on the engines body,so i ask your help.
    Dodge Ram Van2,4l 5sp. [Chrysler ]
    the vin is 1C4GYN7B2WU513523
    i need to know where exactly is the type engraved,on the block engine
    ,the 3 letters EDZ
    -i dont mean the body code plate on the car,which is not what i need-.
    waiting from you to provide me this information and the cost -if any-.
    thank you for your time,please reply soon,
    Sakis Kavakopoulos.
    sakis, Aug 1, 2003
  2. william mcmahon, Aug 2, 2003
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