A500 42rh Transmision Issue

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by DjinnRutger, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. DjinnRutger

    DjinnRutger Guest

    My trany went out on my 1991 Dodge Ram d50 (yes i know it isnt really a
    dodge!) so i bought one from a junk yard, and of course they said it
    was good!

    I had an ASE certified tech install it and flush it and he told me when
    he pulled the pan it had spiders and a cobwebs in it. so I know it has
    been sitting for a while without oil in it.

    It is installed and has an issue with shifting too quick, like 1-2
    around 5mph, 2-3 10-15mph and it usualy flares a bit when going from
    2-3rd. and i have no overdrive. if i get on the gas and run it a bit
    hard it shifts much smoother.

    i know, you get what you pay for. the tech said he adjusted the linkage
    as far as it would go for the shifting to make it wait longer and he
    didnt have any idea on the overdrive, but he did say he checked the
    cable connections. the funnie thing about the overdrive is that my
    switch and light in the cab dont do anything now, they dont even turn
    on to tell me overdrive is not in use. the overdrive worked ok on the
    previous trasmission, it just didnt have any reverse and didnt like to
    shift from 1st-2nd, but once it did the first time it would work ok
    untill it was shut off.

    any ideas? sadly this trany works better then what i had in before!

    Any ideas or help would be great!

    Thank You
    DjinnRutger, Nov 3, 2006
  2. DjinnRutger

    Steve Guest

    Make sure the throttle linkage to the tranny is connected AND ADJUSTED
    correctly. It sounds like the throttle linkage is adjusted way too "short".
    Steve, Nov 3, 2006
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