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Discussion in 'Voyager' started by jwald, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Sep 30, 2019
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    Hello All. Drivers window and rear wing stopped working. I removed the trim from the wing motor wiggled the plug and all worked fine. I moved to the drivers door, removed door card, checked switch continuity, and power to motor. All was fine. Removed the armature cover and cleaned the crud from the armature contact and brushes, re-lubed the worm gear and reassembled. Success... for about an hour. Disassemble the old armature again and found brushes brittle and shot. Bought new motor, but decided to reuse the old cable pulley system. Well, everything was going great until the cable spooled off of the pulley. For the life of me, I cant get the cable rewound correctly. The pulley is straight forward as the groves dictate the cable routing, but try as i may, it isn't correct. Cable unravels and isnt tight in the travel to the widow frame lifting framework. Im stuck here. I addition to the window not working again, the rear wing quit again at the same time the front stopped working. The switch is fine. Any help? Whats the secret, Thanks for the help.
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    jwald, Sep 30, 2019
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    The "secret" for the driver's window is to just replace the entire regulator. They cost about $50. Once that cable system screws up it usually means a little plastic clip somewhere broke and it won't stay wound correctly.
    Try unplugging the rear wing motor connector and clean it out with contact cleaner. If that works, then pack the connector with dielectric grease to keep it from corroding
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    Morley, Oct 7, 2019
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