99 300m turns over won't start and no codes present

Discussion in 'Chrysler 300' started by dstubbs17, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Sep 20, 2020
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    Was driving my 99 300m 3.5 V6 in the city and happened to be looking at the tach when it the needle bounced erratically and the car died. I shifted to neutral, hit the key and after 2 attempts it started so I put it back in drive and kept going. I was headed for a gas station due to low fuel light being on when after about 2 more miles of driving it died again after the tach needle did its dance. I was still coasting in N at approx 40 mph when I tried several times to restart it but it never fired. I coasted to a parking lot and did the following; 1st I went and got more gas to be sure that wasn't the problem and checked for pressure at fuel rail (there was pressure), no start. 2nd this being my 2nd 300m and having a similar issue once before, I replaced the cam sensor, no start. 3rd I went back to parts store and replaced the crank sensor, still no start. 4th put it on a trailer and brought it home where it still sits. No codes, no MIL, no start. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The car has 149K on it, I bought it at an auction and it's been on a couple trips of 500 miles and driven all over the city since July.
    dstubbs17, Sep 20, 2020
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