98 Grand Voyager 3.3l PCM Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by carbide, May 5, 2006.

  1. carbide

    carbide Guest

    My 98 Grand Voyager 3.3l V6 suddenly runs rough and dies. It had been
    very reliable until now. I drove it up into the hills on Saturday and
    parked, so it got hot (but didn't overheat.) Sunday I drove up a steep
    rough gravel road, so it got hot, a little dusty, and the front scraped
    a bit as I slowly navigated potholes. It started and ran fine after
    all of this, then sat for a day, and when started the next morning it
    ran rough and died.

    With the key on, engine off, I noticed a lot of clicking coming from
    the ASD relay and fuel pump relay.

    I tried to get codes out of it using the key method, and maybe I got a
    12. Hard to tell, because the dash indicators were behaving

    Although it cranked well, I cleaned the battery terminals and charged
    the battery. At first the digital Odo and other dash instruments were
    dead, though the MIL and other lights up above were working. It also
    wouldn't crank. Some screwing around reconnecting the battery and
    turning the key eventually got those things back to square one, it
    would crank and start, but run rough and die. Charging the battery
    seemed to lessen the amount of relay clicking with key on, engine off.
    During the few seconds I can get it to run, the voltage at the battery
    goes to 14V, so I think the alternator/regulator are OK.

    I tried reseating the power distribution and PCM connectors and
    spraying them with contact cleaner, also checked all the engine
    compartment fuses. No joy, it was back into the situation where it
    wouldn't crank. I bought a cheap code reader, but that reads no codes.
    At some point it suddenly started cranking again, and I was able to
    start it and run it for a few seconds before it died, still no codes
    from the reader. It displays an "E", which I assume means error, and
    the code for "no codes".

    I'm an electronic tech by trade, so I've studied the schematics in my
    Haynes manual and read as much on the net as I can about the
    functioning of the PCM. If I could get a schematic for that it would
    really help.

    Since the relays are malfunctioning with the key on, engine off I'm
    guessing this isn't a problem with the cam or crankshaft sensors. I'm
    thinking either the PCM is bad or something is loading it, or a bad
    ground somewhere.

    I'd appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions.
    carbide, May 5, 2006
  2. check all your battery cables carefully as well as the connections to
    the starter from the battery. Also load testing the battery would be

    Ted Mittelstaedt, May 6, 2006
  3. carbide

    carbide Guest

    The cables look good- the wire is not corroded or swollen- I cleaned
    the connections, the battery voltage measures good, and it cranks
    great. It has problems with the key on, engine off (ASD and fuel pump
    relays clicking randomly), when the draw on the battery is low.

    So I don't think it's the battery or the main cables.
    carbide, May 6, 2006
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