97 Voyager rolls freely while in park Trans Or CV??

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by Bill, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest


    Thank You all for being here . Wife was driving going on to highway
    heard thunk. Car no longer moved. She pulled over and engine still
    running car wont move in all gears and even rolls in park.
    had car towed back home Tow truck guy said trans or CV joints. That
    what I was thinking but how do you tell quickly or easily if possible
    determine trans or CV? I have been reading other post but nothing
    exact to this 3.3 liter w/o OD 160K on car not orig owner so who
    knows what been done
    Thanks Again in Advance,
    Bill W.
    Bill, Nov 21, 2009
  2. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Ok I might jumped the gun it turned out to be a broken CV drive shaft
    on the drivers side. I was able to see once i got my fat $(^ under
    the car to look. did it myself with handtools and floorjack wasn't
    the hardest but wouldn't suggest for anytone to do on there own. Had
    to borrow a 1/2 drive 32mm socket from a friend of a friend.
    Thanks again
    Bill, Dec 5, 2009

  3. Ant GOOD mechanic already HAS a 32mm socket! ;)

    I did my Mazda 626 the same way..then a Subaru. When I did the Soob I
    decided I'd better have one of these in my 'arsenal'...

    BTW, the Mazda took NINE HOURS to take out and replace. I drove the thing
    for a few days and then heard a familiar clicking noise...

    The other side only took 4... ;)
    Hachiroku $B%O%A%m%/(B, Dec 5, 2009
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