'96 T&C AC front blower STILL not working.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Fieronut, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Fieronut

    Fieronut Guest

    I have checked just about everything. To recap, it was working well.
    Turned off the car. When I turned it back on, no front blower operating.
    Rear blower works fine. I have current ONLY at the fuse. I even moved
    some fuses around just in case the fuse seemed good but wasn't. Also
    moved some relays, just in case it was that. NO CURRENT at the motor
    connector (B05), the resistor connector (B41) or the HVAC panel (center
    dash panel)(P32). Tho some of the resistor connector blades looked a
    little rusty, the resistor has continuity at all parts of the connector.
    The connector PLUG DID seem to have been overheated (slightly dark
    discoloration) at some time at #C107 so just in case that it was not
    making contact with the blade for the resistor, I checked the wire BEFORE
    the connector but no current. Did NOT check to see if there is current at
    the relay #8 where it comes from the fuse, but since I move them around,
    that seems like only a remotely possible problem.

    It REALLY has me mystified. As you might have guessed, I finally found
    the schematic in the BIIIIIG Chrysler shop manual (page 8W-42-5) and
    assuming the relay is OK, does this mean there is an open in the wire
    between the relay and the motor? There appears to be nothing except a 12
    ga dark brown wire between the relay and the motor. I finally took it to
    the dealer this AM but would like info on something that I may have missed
    so I can talk intelligently with them about the problem when they
    "diagnose" it. The last time they diagnosed a problem, they said they
    needed to replace a blend door motor (which involved removing the dash)
    when the real problem was the HVAC control. TIA

    Fieronut, Aug 3, 2005
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  2. Fieronut

    Fieronut Guest

    Don'tcha just HATE to be wrong? Me too! But I thot the front AC fan relay
    was one of the relays in the Power Distribution Center, next to the
    battery, where ALL the relays and fuses are. WRONG!!! It's under the
    dash. And the dealer service manager says they have to R&R the dash to
    replace it. I asked them "Why can't you just wire in another relay, in a
    more convenient place?" Nope! Won't do it. "What if we do it wrong? And
    it burns up your car?" Then the Service Mgr. tried to give me a story that
    the relay is like a fuse and if you don't have a relay, it will burn up the
    wiring. Sorry, Charlie....as far as I can see, the FUSE is like a FUSE but
    this relay is ONLY so the fan goes off and on with the ignition switch.
    Anyway, I paid them ($88) for the info and trundled my little car on home.
    I'll just do it myself.

    However, before going to the dealer to get the car, I had an interesting
    relationship with Chrysler. I called the Chrysler Customer Service #.
    Not only do they NOT know the answer to the question, "Do you have to
    remove the dash to replace the AC fan relay?", the girl could not give me
    the # for someone who DID know--NOR the # for the Chrysler district
    office. With thousands of people working for Chrysler, NO ONE could
    answer that question. "You'll have to ask your dealer. And if you are
    not happy with your present dealer, take it to a different one." VERY

    But at least I THINK I know where the problem lies and THEORETICALLY how
    to fix it WITHOUT taking out the dash. I guess we'll see!

    Fieronut, Aug 4, 2005
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