95 lebaron GTC acting a bit strange

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by Budd Cochran, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Budd Cochran

    Budd Cochran Guest

    1995 Lebaron GTC 3.0L with 95,000 miles, second (!!!) rebuilt transmission
    ( yep, A-604 with the revised solenoid pack and using ATF +4 fluid), less
    than 1000 miles on this transmission and I've replaced the output speed
    sensor, cleaned and tightened all underhood connectors I could reach and
    re-trained the transmission computer (late version with heat sink).

    Speedometer occasionally quits and trans goes into limp mode. Sometimes this
    happens at start up and a restart often fixes it, sometimes it happens while
    driving (under 45 mph, I ain't going out on the highway with it!!) and a
    rolling restart fixes it, then a quick second start gets the trans out of
    limp mode.

    When the trans shifts correctly, it works just like it's supposed to, smooth
    shifts, 4 speeds, lockup all work as they should. It worked well for about
    200 miles after installation before this all began

    Tried a new ignition switch (Standard brand), but I had only limp mode with
    the new switch and it was much harder to operate. That really puzzles me . .
    .. it was installed correctly, nothing jammed up.

    Idle rpm is often high or erratic when these things happen, but I have a AIS
    motor on order and it should be in any day. Will R&R throttle body, clean it
    and install the new AIS.

    Any help would be appreciated. Any links to parts sources also, would be


    Budd Cochran, Jan 21, 2007
  2. Budd Cochran

    Budd Cochran Guest

    I forgot to mention that I can't take it to a dealership as the closest one
    is in Grand Junction CO and I live in Moab UT, 112 miles one way. There are
    no local mechanics with a dependable reputation, and a Ford dealer, and a GM
    dealer, and I have no means to haul it over there. I am on fixed income.

    Budd Cochran, Jan 23, 2007
  3. Budd Cochran

    Budd Cochran Guest

    I wish to publicly thank Ed M, who made a good try to assist me with my
    car's problems. His answer did not help since my transmission uses the
    output sensor to give speed readings, but he tried.

    Thank you, Ed, but it looks the car will be down for a long time so I will
    be looking for another vehicle.

    Budd Cochran, Jan 24, 2007
  4. Budd Cochran

    MT-2500 Guest

    Is it setting any codes?
    Key from of to on 3 times.
    I would recheck the speed sensor and wiring real close.
    MT-2500, Jan 24, 2007
  5. Budd Cochran

    Budd Cochran Guest

    Now that I've decided to park it until I can save up some money to buy a
    second vehicle, someone responds . . .oh,wow.

    The book I got for my transmission (A604) from ATSG didn't give the right
    code list. It contains the list for the minivans, not Lebaron cars. My
    Haynes manual doesn't give the right code list because I checked and
    repaired / replaced the items on the key codes pointed to and the darn thing
    still acted up, that's how I ended up with a $24 output speed sensor, $85
    dollar AIS, a $1600 rebuilt transmission (retrained according to the ATSG
    manual), a $45 aftermarket ignition switch that doesn't work and can't be
    returned bcause it's an electrical part.

    You apparently didn't read the OP very close or you would know I cleaned,
    tightened, etc. all the underhood connectors I could reach, that I replaced
    the transmission, output speed sensor, the ignition switch and today, the
    AIS. So far, the car is working ok, worked correctly on three test drives,
    but it's done that before also, then back to limp mode after a couple days
    and a few miles.

    Btw, yes, I know how to get the key codes. I get "12" and "55" at present.
    Battery was disconnected while cleaning the throttle body and installing the

    Now, I'm going to go start looking for another, older and more dependable
    car so I don't have to bum rides everywhere.

    As for this thread, it's done. No more replies needed from anyone else.

    Budd Cochran, Jan 25, 2007
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