95 Concorde Alarm System Problem - Goes On When Car Started

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by WJ Hill, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. WJ Hill

    WJ Hill Guest

    Hi - I have a 1995 Concorde and the alarm goes off everytime the car is
    started. What could be the possible problem? Is there a way to disable it
    temporarily until I get it fixed?

    Bill Hill
    WJ Hill, Feb 8, 2004
  2. WJ Hill

    Jerry Guest

    Can't answer the first part, but I can (kind of) answer the last part.
    My dealer tried to disable the alarm at my request and couldn't do
    it. I think that the techs there would like to know if there _is_ a
    way; they all seemed quite interested in the problem.

    Jerry, Feb 8, 2004
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