'95 Cirrus heater blower problem

Discussion in 'Cirrus' started by loninappleton, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. I see a recent question on a similar topic of intermittent heater
    problems on Chrysler.

    My Cirrus '95 developed this problem this year. Mileage is
    about 120k

    I tested the heater early in the season during a cold snap and found
    that the heater blower would not change the airflow from windshield
    to feet on the control panel dial. I tried working it back and forth
    but this did no good.

    At my next oil chage and winter prep I took the problem to my
    regular service outlet. They ran the handheld codes reader or
    and could not find a problem: the heater airflow switch would
    change the airflow normally. So I took the car and ran it. When
    inquiring about a repair the shop said such a repair could be
    affected by the 'core memory' or the control system and the repair
    might be in the big bucks.

    Now the problem has returned. The heater blower works at the
    windshield and upper vents but will not switch the duct to
    the driver's feet.

    My thought on this was: could running the codes from the dashboard
    tweak the electronics back into action?
    Dodge Shadow, that was possible, but I cannot recall if it can
    be done by the owner on a Cirrus.

    Please provide any solutions that are in play for this problem. Is it
    a switch, or sensor or that core electronics problem? Here in
    Wisconsin we need our heaters. ;-)
    loninappleton, Dec 8, 2006
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