94 duster stalling/not starting

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by backally, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. backally

    backally Guest

    I got a 94 Duster with 144k hard miles on it. Live in WI where it is
    cold right now, -7 yesterday. Car is kept in a garage, but my daughter
    uses it for school, work etc. During the last week she complained
    about it not starting. I assumed water in the gas and told her to add
    some antiicer which she did not do. Yesterday she calls and said the
    car had quit. I got to it, added some heat and attempted to drive it
    home. It started right up, but drove about 30 ft. and quit. Sudden
    quit, like someone pulled the feed wire off the distributor. Lights
    stayed on bright, radio going, everything else stayed on. When I
    turned the key nothing happened. Again, lights stayed on bright but
    starter did not engage. I tried a couple times and nothing. After a
    couple minutes it turned over normally, but did not start. As it was
    turning over, it suddenly stopped. Again, turning the key did nothing
    for a little while. It seems real random, not just a 'cool down'
    period before it turns over. I have it in the garage and plan on
    cleaning any/all connections I can find, but don't really know what
    else to check. I did not check for engine codes yet, plan on doing
    that this morning also. But any ideas where to start would be

    Backally Bob
    backally, Dec 20, 2005
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