94 Concorde intermittent starting

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by Dave A., Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Dave A.

    Dave A. Guest

    My 1994 Concorde 3.3L with 145,000 miles still runs well and looks good but
    has developed a new problem.

    Occasionally, when I turn the key, it acts like a dead battery, like their
    isn't enough power to turn the starter but I do hear what sounds like the
    solenoid engaging. If I turn it off and try it again, it usually starts
    just fine. This morning, I needed to turn it off and on 4 times before it
    started. The battery is about 6 months old and I cleaned the terminals last
    week. This problem started happening about 4 weeks ago and has happened
    about 15 times so far, always with the same outcome.

    Is this a loose cable type of problem or a failing starter motor or ???
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.


    Dave A., Mar 8, 2005
  2. Dave A.

    Old Car Guest

    Ignition switch maybe? I think I recall fixing a similar problem in my 94
    Intrepid 3.5L.
    Old Car, Mar 8, 2005
  3. Dave A.

    maxpower Guest

    Dave assuming that the starter doesn't even turn....just a click? more then
    likely the contacts are worn out in the starter
    maxpower, Mar 8, 2005
  4. Dave A.

    Bob Shuman Guest

    If the battery is good and all cable/connectors are clean and tight, the I
    agree that it is very likely the starter's solenoid contacts that are badly
    worn, very dirty, and in need of replacement.

    I have replaced several of these and purchased the replacements from:


    for $5 apiece (you need two and they are each different). Dan Stern
    generously provided a listing of applications which I sent to the web site
    owner and he actually included them up there on the site. In my case Dan
    was absolutely 100% accurate for three different Chrysler vehicles.

    Do check out that web site as it provides nice pictures. The Nippondenso
    starter used in most Chrysler vehicles is a pretty nice unit, but this is
    the one area in which it seems to be weak. My vehicles all have needed
    solenoid contact replacement at between 45-70K miles. It really is not a bad
    job though as long as you can get to the unit. At $11 for two ($ is
    Shipping) it is a cheap job. Make sure you get the plunger ring clean using
    a wire brush and some electronic contact cleaner before you reassemble the

    Alternative to replacing the contacts is to replace the entire starter
    assembly, but in my opinion you could get an inferior unit and pay a whole
    lot more. I know the dealer only offered this option at about $400 for the
    whole job when I undertook my web search the first time several years back.

    Good luck

    Bob Shuman, Mar 8, 2005
  5. Dave A.

    Dave A. Guest


    You're right about the website you suggested, very easy to understand and
    with good photos to explain the process. I still need to check the cables
    on the starter but with 145K miles and over 10 years of use, it is likely
    worn components.

    When it fails, I hear the solenoid engage and sometimes it seems to start
    turning the motor but can't. It's as if I move the starter motor just
    enough to get to "good" spot where it can run. Sometimes it takes several
    attempts. Other times it starts perfectly on the first try which also may
    indicate bad contacts as it happened to stop on a place where it could make
    good contact on the next start. Does that make sense?

    As usual, this newsgroup comes through with great answers. It will be a few
    days before I get a chance to look further but I will post the outcome here
    to share what happened.


    Dave A., Mar 8, 2005
  6. Dave A.

    Dave A. Guest

    To all,

    Thank you for your suggestions on my starting problem. It turned out to be
    a defective starter which I was able to replace with a 3 year warranty
    re-built for just over $100. Removal and replacement went pretty smoothly
    and was certainly within the ability of most do-it-yourself folks.

    I'm sure I could have replaced the contacts, as was recommended by another
    person, but I felt $100 wasn't too bad and it limited my downtime which was

    Special thanks to Tom S. who wrote with specific troubleshooting


    Dave A., Apr 4, 2005
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