93 Caravan/Voyager Spark plugs.

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by Raster, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Raster

    Raster Guest

    How do you access the rear 3 plugs on the 3.0???

    They are LONG overdue for a change.
    Raster, Jul 31, 2004
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  2. Raster

    David Allen Guest

    The rear 3 on the 3.0 should be pretty easy actually. I've only done them
    on my '88 Caravan.

    Remove the air filter housing, lean way over and you'll see all 3 of them.
    If it's like mine, the alternator bracket is annoyingly in the way, but it
    doesn't need to come off if you have a ratchet set with the right
    extensions. It's really a piece of cake.
    David Allen, Aug 1, 2004
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  3. Raster

    Geoff Guest

    Agreed. There's two metal straps that attach the air cleaner housing to the
    rearmost top edge of the intake manifold plenum. IIRC, they're 13mm.
    Remove and set aside. The engine wiring harness hangs from those metal
    straps using plastic doodads. Slide it gently forward and off the straps.
    Next, take a screwdriver and loosen/remove the snorkel-like hose from the
    throttle body on the driver's side of the intake plenum. A little wiggle, a
    little wobble, and the air cleaner assembly will come right out. Watch the
    thin vacuum lines near the firewall that you don't snag and disconnect them.
    You will also be removing the molded PCV breather hose from the rear valve
    cover as you lift the air cleaner up. Once it's out of there, you will have
    nearly unfettered access to the rear plugs. #1 by the alternator bracket is
    a bitch, especially if the plug boot is stuck onto the plug, but you CAN
    remove the plug without any further disassembly (e.g. alternator bracket,
    etc.) -- it just takes patience and persistance. Use just a smidge of
    anti-seize compound on the sparkplug threads before reassembly. A very
    little goes a long way.

    While you have the air cleaner out and the throttle body exposed, take the
    opportunity to use some carburetor cleaner sprayed (directly) on a rag to
    clean all the soot out of the throttle body you can. Doing it now will
    possibly prevent the famous 3.0 stalls-when-coming-to-a-stop issue. If you
    want to get really thorough, purchase a replacement throttle body mounting
    gasket in advance, remove the throttle cable(s), two wiring harness plugs
    and the throttle body itself from the engine to clean it thoroughly. If
    you're going to spray carburetor cleaner on the throttle body directly, do
    it this way--but first make sure to remove the throttle position sensor and
    the AIS (IAC) motor so they're not damaged by the solvent. Use Q-tips to
    clean the idle air passageway and you'll have prevented that particular
    common stalling issue for certain.

    One more thing: I always took the opportunity to replace plug wires, cap and
    rotor with each sparkplug change. Possibly overkill with the wires, but the
    cap and rotor always showed signs of burnt contacts by the time the plug
    life had expired.

    Geoff, Aug 1, 2004
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