91 voyager runs rough 3.3

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by 69GT4spdtrac-loc, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Hi all I would like to ask a question My 91 van has 211,000 kilos on it. I
    have replaced plugs wires. The problem is sometimes it runs a bit rough when
    idleing. What woud cause this? Thanks to all that reply and help. Dave.
    69GT4spdtrac-loc, Feb 28, 2004
  2. 69GT4spdtrac-loc

    jdoe Guest

    Remove the throttle body and clean it (especially the ais pintle and
    chamber). Look at the pcv hose too these crack and leak vacum. Barring these
    it could be the coil pack or egr etc.
    jdoe, Feb 28, 2004
  3. 69GT4spdtrac-loc

    Neil Nelson Guest

    A vacuum leak between the upper intake and the lower intake
    manifolds would be one cause.

    A stuck open EGR valve would be another.
    Neil Nelson, Feb 29, 2004
  4. 69GT4spdtrac-loc

    Howard Guest

    "Hi all I would like to ask a question My 91 van has 211,000 kilos on it."
    WOW, that is serious weight!!!!

    aside from being a "smart ass" I do know what you meant.
    Howard, Feb 29, 2004
  5. LOL .. what a card. I guess you could missinterpet the comment I will
    refraze it. The kilometers on the van is 211,000 and it idles a bit rough.
    69GT4spdtrac-loc, Feb 29, 2004
  6. Thank you will check this out. I have put a new pcv in and did not notice
    the hose broke. But will recheck that.
    Can you reclean EGR or should I just buy a new one?
    69GT4spdtrac-loc, Feb 29, 2004
  7. 69GT4spdtrac-loc

    jdoe Guest

    Just replace it. THey are a common cause but....you may not have one either.
    jdoe, Feb 29, 2004
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