90 New Yorker Fuses and Harness

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by DeaconBasil, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. DeaconBasil

    DeaconBasil Guest

    Have a '90 NewYorker that had the battery go completely dead. Replaced the
    battery. New one went totally dead inside of 24 hours. Went to fuse block
    under hood and found that the fuse labeled "REAR WINDOW DEFROSTER" showed a
    SHORT to ground. So, I removed it to get the car running temporarily. That
    worked, but when it was removed, interior lights (dome) went out. Power
    windows and locks quit. So did SOME of the dash stuff, radio. I replaced
    the under-hood fuse, and went looking in the interior fuse block for where
    the trouble might be. When I pulled DOME LIGHTS fuse, the short goes away.
    But when I did this, all KINDS of strange stuff happened. I fully expected
    JUST the dome lights to go away. But it also took out the MANUAL control of
    door locks (they still work fine when the ignition is ON, and they work
    "automatically" as always when the car exceeds 15MPH or so). But the door
    locks DO NOT work when ignition is OFF. It also took out the radio (again).

    Any ideas of how to fix, short of ripping the whole harness out? Thanks in
    advance for any help.

    DeaconBasil, Oct 11, 2005
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