'89 colt needs help please

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Tanya, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Tanya

    Tanya Guest

    1989 mitsubishi colt (4 cyl; 1.5 L; fuel injected) runs VERY WELL on the
    was *tuned up* (spark plus; spark plug wires; air filter. pcv; ignition
    rotor) last month
    last week the mechanic (???technician???) cleaned out(?)
    ALL_of_the_vacuum hoses to correct a rough idle and hesitation. (should
    they be cleaned or repl'd?)
    however, now on startUp XS STRONG SMELL of fuel (esp from tailPipe) and
    using > usual.
    i found the fuel filter which is rusted and o.l.d.
    (and should be rpl'd every year at its age.)
    just wonder since now again it hesitates and sporadically has rough idle
    whether this could be due to a very O.L.D. fuel filter? which the
    nonChrysler place doesn't want to rpl
    also supposedly the ignition wires are the original and i wanted them
    rpl'd but was told not necessary.....
    could that cause the hesitation?
    finally: when i turn on the a/c which (afaik) never worked, the idle
    goes down (according to manual idle should increase w/ the a/c) (from
    700 rpm to 400) A.N.D. turning on the lights, the idle tanks and the
    dash lights and clock dim (to nonExistant (despite the dimmer switch))
    and w/ the wipers it really slows.
    although the alternator light does_not_come_on, how reliable is this if
    it's part of the electrical and if the alt is insufficient/dying, it's
    not going to send extra power to the panel lights is it?
    i thank you VERY MUCH in advance

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    Tanya, Sep 1, 2003
  2. Tanya

    Bill Putney Guest

    If hiway running is OK, fuel filter would not cause bad idle. Replace
    it anyway.
    Above, you said spark plug wires were replaced. Ignition wires = spark
    plug wires (plus coil wire). If they weren't replaced, replace them -
    they're due and can cause engine behavior problems. You didn't mention
    distributor cap - if not replaced, replace it now.
    Get the electrical problem diagnosed and fixed - it's probably a bad
    ground or bad alternator causing poor voltage regulation. In either
    case, it should be repaired/replaced. When you turn on the a.c. and
    lights, there's extra load that the alternator is not compensating for.
    May or may not be related to the engine behavior issues, but get that
    fixed first and see if the other problems don't clear up.

    If not, then at least you know that's not it and you can pursue other
    potential causes. But the electrical problem has to be fixed unless you
    want to get stranded at some random time and place not of your choosing
    (usually in the rain on the way to a very important job interview). 8^)

    Bill Putney
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    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Sep 1, 2003
  3. Tanya

    Tanya Guest

    hello Bill,
    thanks very much for the reply!

    upDate... now there is visible exhaust that smells like fuel... no leaks......
    i really do appreciate the clarification about the wires :)
    sorry -- the distributor cap and ignition rotor (but it does not mention the
    coil wire) were rpl'd
    will follow your advice
    thanks again!
    Tanya, Sep 2, 2003
  4. Tanya

    Bill Putney Guest

    You're welcome!

    After you get the electrical problem (alternator?) fixed, post back with
    the results. If you still have rich exhaust, others here can help with
    that - maybe an O2 sensor if it doesn't clear up with the electrical
    fix, but others can offer better advice than I can on that.

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Sep 2, 2003
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