$600 battery cables for 96 T&C??!!!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bearcat, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Bearcat

    Bearcat Guest

    My wife's '96 T&C LXi 3.8l needs new battery cables as the insulation
    on the original ones has cracked and corrosion has gotten down into
    the cable. There's multiple cables attached to each cable clamp, and
    as suspected, the local parts house told me it's a dealer only item. I
    spoke to two different dealers parts guys, they both claim that it's
    only available as part of the engine wiring harness @ $600! Replacing
    the clamps isn't as easy as one would like with the multiple wires
    going to each clamp, and there isn't much in the way of extra wire to
    allow for trimming off the corroded section. Does anyone know if the
    cables are physically part of the engine wiring harness, or if it's
    just that they're only available to be ordered together? Any
    suggestions - at this point I'm wondering if it's worth trying a junk
    yard, or if I should just cut theends off and try making what I have
    work with new clamp on cable ends.

    Bearcat, Feb 18, 2004
  2. Probably true as far as it goes, but the supplies are available from all
    the major wire and cable manufacturers (e.g. Belden/PowerPath, Whitaker,
    Standard...) to make, right on the benchtop, whatever battery cable
    configuration is desired. The difficulty nowtimes is in finding someone to
    do this, because the tendency is to want to just "remove and replace".

    You may want to check your local Yellow Pages for auto and industrial
    battery specialists/supply houses in your area and call around to see if
    you can find someone who can make custom battery cables for you. The cable
    companies are selling those supplies to *someone*, otherwise they'd be
    dropped from the catalogues. Once you find someone willing to do the work,
    if they work dilligently, the finished product will be superior to the
    original and *vastly* less expensive.
    The consumer-grade "repair terminals", typically with a strap held on with
    two bolts, are a temporary deal *at best*.

    Daniel J. Stern, Feb 18, 2004
  3. Bearcat

    mic canic Guest

    thats the way they come
    now it seems there is more to maintence of a battery than you thought!
    the parts stores offer brass ring connectors for 0 gauge cables and the
    can be placed on the ends of the cables then can be clamped to the new
    battery connections
    mic canic, Feb 19, 2004
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