5.2 V8 Oil filter question

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Chris, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest

    I've got a '98 5.2 Durango. It calls for a Fram PH16 oil filter. I've got a
    supply of PH43 filters for older 318s. They look the same except for length.
    Anyone using the larger filter on their 5.2?
    Chris, Dec 10, 2003
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  2. Chris

    Robert Guest


    I'd never put a Fram in my vehicle. nuf said. do a search for plastic
    cardboard and fram lol
    Robert, Dec 10, 2003
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  3. I run the even-longer pre-'72 filters (=Fram PH8A, but I do not permit
    Fram garbage near my vehicles) on my 5.2.

    Daniel J. Stern, Dec 10, 2003
  4. Chris

    Arashikage Guest

    I run the even-longer pre-'72 filters (=Fram PH8A, but I do not permit
    Please elaborate. Garbage as in "could destroy engine" or garbage as in "not
    quite as good as..."?
    I've got a PH43 on my '78 318 LeBaron. What would you recommend for my next
    Arashikage, Dec 10, 2003
  5. Chris

    Bill Putney Guest

    Actually, not all of the Fram line is bad. Most people are repeating
    what they've heard or read someone else say or write based on this
    article: http://minimopar.net/oilfilterstudy.html
    *OR* they didn't read it completely, *OR* they filtered out all the good
    comments on certain filters that Fram makes.

    The evaluation in that article of the Fram Tough Guard™ actually is very
    favorable (construction, materials, quality of anti-drainback valve,
    etc.). It is one step up in Fram's product line from their baseline
    filter which is the one that maybe truly deserves criticism.

    It's no never mind to me, as I use the Purolator Pure One™ (Purloator's
    closest equivalent to the Tough Guard™ - same price range, features,
    etc.), but I do think fairness is in order.

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Dec 10, 2003
  6. Chris

    Steve Guest

    Well, I wouldn't use a Fram filter on a worn-out sewage pump, but that's
    beside the point.

    Is the PH43 the one that cross-references to an AC PF-2, Wix 1515,
    Motorcraft FL-1, etc.? In other words, the most commonly used oil filter
    on the market?

    If so, then go ahead and use it (if it will fit in the allowed space,
    and if you can stomach risking your bearings to the whims of Fram). I
    use Wix 1515/AC PF2/Motorcraft FL1 equivalents on ALL my Mopar v8s. That
    is the filter they were originally designed for, and the only reason
    they switched to shorties in later years was because some body/engine
    combinations don't allow the longer filter. The longer filter has more
    surface area and causes a lower pressure drop. Especially important with
    the minimal filter area that Fram filters start out with.
    Steve, Dec 10, 2003
  7. Chris

    Steve Guest

    Steve, Dec 10, 2003
  8. We probably oughtta keep it down a little, or before you know it we'll
    have Ralphie Wiggum^h^h^h^h^h^h^H^HWoods advocating his toilet paper oil
    filters and Lloyd Parker reminding us of Condemner Retards' confabulated
    oil filter "tests" of 14 years ago.
    No, that's PH8A.

    Daniel J. Stern, Dec 10, 2003
  9. Garbage as in "It'll be debated until the cows come home, but enough
    engines of enough different designs have been ruined by enough poorly-made
    Fram filters of enough different types that it's utterly dumb to take the
    gamble, in my opinion".

    I'll use Purolator, Wix (NAPA), Hastings, and several other brands, but
    *never* Fram.

    Daniel J. Stern, Dec 10, 2003
  10. I agree. Fram filters are absolute garbage. Run away.

    Chris Mauritz, Dec 10, 2003
  11. I was sitting down the other day with the owner of a local auto parts
    store. As we're sitting there chatting several customers came in. One
    wanted to buy oil and filter for their car, one wanted brake pads, and
    one wanted a new air and fuel filter. They all had one thing in common.
    When asked what brand/type of product, they all said "The cheapest one
    available." These are the types of folks that whine when they blow a
    head gasket at 75k miles, spin a bearing, or warp their rotors every 10K
    miles. We had a really good chuckle about it. When people come into my
    shop and ask for "the cheapest," I send them somewhere else. It's not
    worth the aggravation.

    An automobile is a complex piece of machinery. If you use garbage parts
    and/or garbage consumables, it won't last.


    Chris Mauritz, Dec 10, 2003
  12. Chris

    Mike Behnke Guest

    Mike Behnke, Dec 10, 2003
  13. Chris

    Bill Putney Guest

    The "Fram is crap" argument aside, have you ever noticed how thin the
    metal in the casing of a Purolator Pure One™ is? Not that it seems to
    matter - it's the filter I use, but with all the pickiness about filters
    that I see, whenever I'm changing my Pure One™, I always am amazed at
    how easily crushable the walls are by the filter wrench and by hand -
    reminds me almost of paper. Perhaps it's a better grade of steel with
    good tensile qualities (stronger even though thinner)?

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Dec 11, 2003
  14. Chris

    Rick Blaine Guest

    Garbage as in "It'll be debated until the cows come home, but enough
    What a load of shit.
    Rick Blaine, Dec 11, 2003
  15. *shrug* As I said, it'll be debated until the cows come home. There's lots
    of evidence to support my position. All you've offered so far to counter
    it is that you think it's a load of shit. If you intend for your opinion
    to mean anything, you'll have to do much better than that.

    Daniel J. Stern, Dec 11, 2003
  16. Chris

    Rick Blaine Guest

    There's lots
    Really? Such as?
    Rick Blaine, Dec 11, 2003
  17. This is a legitimate question when it comes to motor oil (leaving aside the
    "recycled" motor oil shit that some places sell) since they all have to meet
    the same API specs. I'd also suggest it's a legitimate question for an air
    filter also.

    Ted Mittelstaedt, Dec 11, 2003
  18. Chris

    Steve Guest

    Yes, the one I gave is (I gather) the one that is currently being
    maintained by the author.
    Steve, Dec 11, 2003
  19. Chris

    Steve Guest

    Hmmm, I've never noticed the Pure One as being any THINNER than standard
    oil filters like Fram, AC, Motorcraft etc. But I do use the Mobil 1
    filter on my one engine that kicks up 95+ psi of oil pressure until the
    oil reaches full operating temperature ('69 440 with a high-volume oil
    pump). "Just in case"

    I've read reports of the M1 filter also failing at the crimp between the
    base and the shell, but I've never seen it and the heavier guage metal
    all-around makes me feel better when I see that needle swing past 90.
    That and the fact that since that car only accumulates enough miles for
    a filter change about once per year, the stupid-expensive cost of the M1
    doesn't bother me as much :)
    Steve, Dec 11, 2003
  20. Chris

    Steve Guest

    On the other hand, I've seen unbelievable quantities of sludge build-up
    in engines religiously maintained with certain oil brands, and amazingly
    clean internals on the same model engine maintained (or even somewhat
    neglected) with other oil brands. The API specs set a minimum, not a
    maximum. Yes, driving habits could also make the difference, but I've
    seen the correlation with oil brand FAR more often than not. Makes one
    Steve, Dec 11, 2003
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