300M battery replacement

Discussion in 'Chrysler 300' started by Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Our '02 300M (purchased May '02) is still on its original battery, it
    still starts fine (although the weather isn't yet really cold), and the
    indicator on the top of the battery still shows green.

    Would I be pushing my luck to let it go a while longer, or would "y'all"
    (or "all y'all," if "y'all" is still singular where you live) advise
    getting it replaced as a precaution?

    And how do I remove the air-cleaner to get at the battery? I haven't yet
    figured out how it is held in place. (I've read some old posts that say
    the way to remove the battery is to remove the RH front wheel, but
    that's not what the Service Manual says.)

    Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 26, 2009
  2. Percival P. Cassidy

    MoPar Man Guest

    So is my '00 300m (purchased Nov 1999). So my battery is slightly older
    than 10 years.
    I bought a new battery 2+ years ago, and connect it to a charger about
    once a month for a few hours. Last winter I kept this new battery in my
    trunk, along with a set of jumper cables. During this past summer, the
    battery was just sitting on a bench in my garage. As of right now I
    haven't yet moved the battery back into my trunk.

    My 300m spends every night in my garage, where the temperature rarely
    goes below 50f in the dead of winter (but outside it might be 10f).
    I honestly can't even recollect if I can see my battery when I raise the
    hood. I thought it was burried down deep in there somewhere under the
    air intake filter.
    I think it's easy to guage the condition of the battery the next time
    you have to start the car when the entire car (engine, battery, etc) is
    sitting below 40f, and more like 30f. If it turns over more slowly than
    you expect, then you know it's near the end if it's life. I could get a
    sense of that with my battery last winter.

    Does anyone know who made these OEM batteries anyways?
    MoPar Man, Nov 26, 2009
  3. Same here these days in MI, but for its first 18 months in NY it stood
    outside overnight.
    Until I looked at the Service Manual, I didn't realize that there was an
    indicator either. On mine it's visible through a gap in front of the air
    cleaner. I had to wipe the crud off it (used a wad of paper towel
    wrapped around the end of one of those freebie paint stirrers they give
    you when you buy cans of paint) before I could see what color was
    showing. I also noticed that there was corrosion around one of the
    battery terminals and that the SM recommends cleaning that corrosion off
    from time to time by painting it with baking soda solution -- but there
    is no mention of that in the owner's handbook. The SM also says that
    battery leads have to be replaced as a whole sub-assembly that includes
    leads going to the alternator, etc.; so corrosion build-up is not a good
    thing: you can't just use generic battery leads from AutoZone or the like.
    I read on one Web site that cranking ability can go away quite suddenly.
    I recall that that is what happened with the battery on our old Stratus:
    one day it started as usual; the next day it didn't.
    In an earlier thread someone suggested Exide or Johnson Controls.

    Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 26, 2009
  4. Percival P. Cassidy

    Bill Putney Guest

    Y'all is not commonly used as singular, but it can be. :)

    Yun's should replace the battery unless it would not be a big deal for
    you for whoever could be driving it at the time to suddenly be stranded
    somewhere and have to drop everything to deal with it. You are pushing
    it at this point.
    There's a vertical post on a brace that you can see. A projection from
    the air cleaner housing has a grommet on that post. Just pull up with
    large force - hold the force steady and it should slip off the post
    after a few seconds. Might not hurt to wet it with soapy water first -
    it can be pretty tight. Then - on the fender side of the housing there
    are two posts that rest in holes in the fender (the posts are
    horizontal, pointing towards the fender) - not a friction fit. Just
    move the housing towards the engine, and lift it out. Intake hose would
    have been loosened and disconnected prior.
    The manual has you remove the battery access panel in the fender well.
    To me, if that's the way you're going to do it, the wheel is in the way,
    and it would be better to remove it. HOWEVER - many people prefer to
    tip the battery up on end and lift it up thru the hole left by removing
    the air cleaner, which the manual has you remove anyway to have access
    to the hold down bolts and the cable clamps - avoids working thru the
    wheel well.
    Bill Putney, Nov 26, 2009
  5. Percival P. Cassidy

    Rob Guest

    I was once told there are only 3 or 4 companies in the entire world making
    car batteries. they just sell them to die hard, interstate, NAPA, Eveready,
    optima, etc who put their name on them. but i have yet to confirm that.

    the two you mention i do know are 2 of the main manufacturers.

    The LHS started cranking real slow, is how i knew mine was bad. if you could
    get the caps off yours you could check the cells with a volt meter but i
    doubt the cell caps are removable on yours. i think a load test might be
    good in your situation. you can try the poor mans load test and if it gives
    you any indications of something weird, you can get it checked further or
    replace at that point if you want.

    most of the poor mans tests i have seen involve disabling the ignition ( i
    unplug the coil pack when i want to do that) then crank it for 15 seconds
    and measure voltage with voltmeter, hoping it stays above 9.6V. make sure
    car has been in the garage for a few hours and battery is room temp so to
    speak, or if it outside its around 70-80 degrees i think.
    Rob, Nov 26, 2009
  6. Percival P. Cassidy

    Steve Stone Guest

    Everything I've seen out of the local Interstate battery store is marked
    made in China and does not seem to hold up as well
    as non China made batteries.
    Steve Stone, Nov 26, 2009

  7. Correction: Since the Service Manual referred to removal of the air
    cleaner (which is above the battery), I assumed that battery was to be
    removed by lifting it out through the resulting gap. The SM referred
    also to removal of a "battery splash guard," which I could not find
    mentioned anywhere else. I now see that the "battery splash guard" is
    the plate covering an opening through which the battery can be slid back
    into the wheel area -- so, yes, the wheel *does* have to be removed
    after all.

    Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 27, 2009
  8. <snip>

    Replaced the battery but had to do it myself. The sign says "Free
    installation with purchase." The guy asked whether I wanted to take it
    with me or have them install it. I said, "Installation is free, right?"
    "Yes," he replied. I said, "OK. I'll let you install it." But when he
    found out that it meant going through the wheel arch, they wouldn't
    install it at all. When I pointed to the sign and the absence of any
    mention of exclusions, he said, "Oh, we have a whole list of exclusions
    here behind the counter." This was at Sam's Club.

    No point in arguing any further. Installation took longer than on the
    old Stratus, but at least it's done now. Yes. I did have to remove the
    wheel; see earlier message.

    Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 28, 2009
  9. Percival P. Cassidy

    Bill Putney Guest

    There are several postings on the various LH car forums where owners got
    irritated at places like Walmart, etc. that offer free battery
    installation but refuse to on LH cars. Some people take it better than
    Bill Putney, Nov 29, 2009
  10. Percival P. Cassidy

    Rob Guest

    i stepped in some trans fluid at dealer earlier this year and it was raining
    out by my car. i slipped and fell because of it and landed on my
    wrist....hurt like hell. well i needed a battery bad that day, and they
    agreed to put it in for me, but my LHS is 1st Gen, and the battery is up on
    top over on the driver side.
    Rob, Nov 29, 2009
  11. Percival P. Cassidy

    Bill Putney Guest

    Oops - yeah - my comments apply to 2nd gen. LH ('98-'04) only.

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with the letter 'x')

    Bill Putney, Nov 29, 2009
  12. Percival P. Cassidy

    MoPar Man Guest

    Your original battery probably had at least another year of life in it.
    MoPar Man, Nov 29, 2009
  13. Maybe, but for $70 I can be reasonably sure that we are not going to be
    stuck somewhere with a car that won't start -- at least not because of a
    flat battery.

    Percival P. Cassidy, Nov 29, 2009
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