300M and oil changes: always some oil dripping?

Discussion in 'Chrysler 300' started by MoPar Man, May 1, 2006.

  1. MoPar Man

    MoPar Man Guest

    Does the design/layout/position of the oil filter on a 300m lend
    itself to oil spillage during replacement such that some amount will
    pool or accumulate somewhere during the change and later drip or run
    onto the pavement, and also potentially onto a hot surface that will
    result in an oil smell for a short period after the change?
    MoPar Man, May 1, 2006
  2. MoPar Man

    Steve Stone Guest

    I usually get some old oil on the front subframe of my 300M during a filter
    change. I never smell oil burning.
    Check the filler cap and make sure it is on tight, maybe the PCV valve and
    dipstick too.
    Steve Stone, May 2, 2006
  3. MoPar Man

    Bill Putney Guest

    The LH cars have several tranny and engine oil cooler lines that have
    clamped-rubber-hose-to-metal-line joints right at the radiator (driver's
    side) that are famous for leaking (almost guaranteed to) after a couple
    of years. They are hard to get to to tighten, but may be the source of
    your leaking. Any oil/ATF that leaks gets blown back to cover the
    underside of the oil pan, etc. Not sure that that is the source of what
    you're observing, and I know you said that it is related to oil changes,
    but worth considering/checking.

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with the letter 'x')
    Bill Putney, May 2, 2006
  4. MoPar Man

    Art Guest

    If done at my dealer, there was always a mess. One time it was smoking so
    bad I drove the 300M back to make sure a fire wasn't imminent.
    Art, May 2, 2006
  5. MoPar Man

    MoPar Man Guest

    Yes, that's my experience as well. I don't need to have my car
    undercoated or oil-sprayed.
    What exactly is the oil hitting that's so hot? Exhaust pipes?
    MoPar Man, May 2, 2006
  6. MoPar Man

    Art Guest

    I used to know but my in-laws have that car now, half a east coast away and
    I don't remember exactly what got covered with oil.
    Art, May 2, 2006
  7. MoPar Man

    NJ Vike Guest

    UGH. Never had that but the fake chrome or plastic came off of the door

    I also needed front brakes including rotors. I only had 26K miles. Is this

    "Now Phoebe Snow direct can go
    from thirty-third to Buffalo.
    From Broadway bright the tubes run right
    Into the Road of Anthracite"
    Erie - Lackawanna
    NJ Vike, May 2, 2006
  8. MoPar Man

    Bill Putney Guest

    No, but not unheard of.

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with the letter 'x')
    Bill Putney, May 3, 2006
  9. MoPar Man

    Art Guest

    I had rotors turned around 45k miles. There should have been enuf metal for
    one turning.
    Art, May 3, 2006
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