2005 REC model NAV unit reset required

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by token44, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. token44

    token44 Guest

    Put in an updated NAV DVD and my REC radio in my 2005 Dodge Magnum, did
    a software update, then did it again, and again.

    After the 3rd try the radio went to a black screen, not even the

    There is no display at all now. The radio will load a cd, and play it
    from the first track onwards, but I have no control over it other than
    volume. I can not change between cd and AM or FM.

    All of the buttons along the bottom are unresponsive, I can not go into
    NAV mode and there is no display at all.

    Does anyone know how to reset this radio so it will re-load the
    software from my old DVD?

    I have tried removing the radio from the car for a couple of hours, but
    still no go.

    There is no visible emrom chip or battery on the board, and no visible
    reset button.

    I know this radio is made by Alpine if that helps any.

    Chrysler part number P56038646AL

    I added this to the car after I purchased it so there would be no
    warranty on it, got it off of EBay.

    Worked for over a year, just stopped when the update disc, which I
    believe is damaged or data corrupted was put in.
    token44, Oct 13, 2006
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