2004 Pt Cruiser stalling issues.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tey, Apr 22, 2023.

  1. Tey


    Apr 22, 2023
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    Hello to all, I am a new member. I have a 2004 clean pt cruiser that my sister gave me. When I got it 3 years ago, it would run a few blocks then stall. If you waited 5 minutes it would start back up and run another 3 blocks and stall.

    Here is what has been done to it in 3 years. OMG. Ok. I thought it was a fuel pump. So I replaced it. Stalling still happened. I replace most of the fuel line. I replaced the rail. I replaced the carb and all sensors in the carb. I replaced the camshaft and cam sensors as well. All sensors to the motor were replaced. Unless I missed one. I replaced a sensor in the steering column. I replace a sensor the front one on the exhaust. I also replace all shoes, drums, calibers, lines etc. lol I knew that wasn't the problem. I did it just to do it. Ok, so I thought it would work. I started it up and was driving it down the yellow brick road. It ran great for about 50 miles. So I thought I had fixed it. Yeah was almost at OZ. Then I was driving at night and the dreaded check engine light comes on. Yes it stalled. I waited 5 minutes and it started back up. I did a code test and it pull the rear 02 sensor which I did not replace as of yet. I am buying a exhaust from manifold all the way back. I will replace the 02 sensor as well.

    So I was wondering which I know it will keep on stalling what could it be. I read about a power steering switch that could stall the engine so I will buy that. Does anyone have the knowledge to tell me what they think it is. Please before I have the wicked witch of the west light this mint condition cruiser up in a field in the country where the scare crow was lite up. Any takers? begging for help.
    Tey, Apr 22, 2023
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