2004 gt turbo radio issue

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by deltas69, Dec 30, 2023.

  1. deltas69


    Dec 30, 2023
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    New member here, so hi !! My wife has a 2004 gt turbo, two owner from new with 151,000 miles. It's driven maybe 50 miles per week..today 12/30/23 on her weekly trip to her mom's, the factory radio/cd begin to go off and on. Car continues to run fine, ..upon searching this I see it can be a common problem on this car. She's had it over ten years with nothing but normal care replacing iparts when needed as out older son is a mechanic. So has onyone had this happen to their radio...and if so..is there a fix for it ? Thanks ...
    deltas69, Dec 30, 2023
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