2004/05 PT Cruiser

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by PHIL, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. PHIL

    PHIL Guest

    I would like to know if the two rear windows go down, and if so,
    do they retract all the way down? I haven't seen a single picture
    showing the windows down (on the 4-door version.) Thanks
    PHIL, Oct 12, 2004
  2. PHIL

    Lars Guest

    on the 04 they do not go all the way down. about 6-8 inches left.

    I think it is a combination of a child safety issue and room in the door
    Lars, Oct 12, 2004
  3. PHIL

    Punch Guest

    same on the 03's only 75% down
    Punch, Oct 13, 2004
  4. PHIL


    I think it's mainly a problem with room in the door for the lowering
    mechanism-- that door is cut out for the wheel well.

    Got wood?
    Check out my exotic hardwood pennywhistles at fair
    BREWERPAUL, Oct 13, 2004
  5. PHIL

    TOM KAN PA Guest

    They don't go all the way down on any year, any model.
    TOM KAN PA, Oct 13, 2004
  6. PHIL

    Steve B. Guest

    Surely they go all the way down in the convertible don't they?

    Steve B.
    Steve B., Oct 14, 2004
  7. PHIL

    Lars Guest

    Convertible is 2 door if I remember.........
    Lars, Oct 14, 2004
  8. PHIL

    Bill Putney Guest

    Let's keep this discussion clean, now! 8^)

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    adddress with the letter 'x')
    Bill Putney, Oct 14, 2004
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