2002 Jeep Liberty

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by LCJ, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. LCJ

    LCJ Guest

    I have read several messages reguarding the gas mileage of the Liberty.
    I have 110,000 on my Liberty and am still getting between 14 and 16
    miles per gallon. Never did get better gas mileage. I use fully
    synthetic oil and that still did not help.
    I have had a problem with this vehicle since about one month after I
    purchased it. The transmission would, at will, down shift into second
    gear. Try travelling 70 miles per hour and have that happen. It feels
    like someone is slamming on the breaks. It took the dealership 8 months
    to find the problem. Since this was fixed, or so they say, the vehicle
    hick-ups when moving. It also slams into first gear seconds after you
    come to a stop. I was told that unless the problem throws up a default
    code, they have no way of diagnosing the problem. :shakehead So I have
    had to put up with this. Also I had to have the brakes done shortly
    after I had 12,000 miles on the vehicle. I was told at the dealership
    they are a normally replacable item and they were not covered under
    warrenty. I had to pay over $400.00 for that repair. Now the vehicle is
    paid off and every week I have a different problem. Last week it would
    not shift up from second gear when excellerating from a stop. And this
    week it will not run. You can start the vehicle, but as soon as it
    starts warming up, the engine shuts off and you cannot re-start the
    vehicle. I tell you, with all the problems I have had with this vehicle
    and all the run around I have had to put up with from Chrysler
    dealerships, I will never purchase another Chrysler product. As soon as
    I get this new problem repaired, I am trading in this vehicle and good
    riddence to Chrysler. :banghead:
    LCJ, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. LCJ

    who Guest

    As the owner of several Chrysler vehicles over the last 25 years, I can
    assure you I've had very good success with their vehicles, particularly
    since '86.

    All I can suggest is to not buy a new mechanical design in the first two
    model years. Was 2002 the first year or second of your Liberty?
    who, Mar 11, 2007
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