2002-2005 sebring/stratus 2.7 spark plug change

Discussion in 'Sebring' started by Nadali Sptyuia, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Greetings

    Any brave souls out there that have actually changed their own spark plugs
    on a 2001-2005 sebring or stratus
    sedan or convertible with the 2.7 liter DOHC engine? The front 3 are a snap
    to do but how on earth do you
    get to the rear 3 ?????
    Nadali Sptyuia, Sep 23, 2006
  2. Nadali Sptyuia

    DeserTBoB Guest

    Same way you do on an '90-'93 Cadillac de Ville....skinned knuckles.
    That's why I went to 100,000 mile platinum plugs on my Cad, since the
    originals were only barely worn at 96K.
    DeserTBoB, Sep 24, 2006

  3. Then why did you just post that GM is a farce, and going down the
    tubes, prey for the Japs, etc., etc., if you owned a Cadillac ?

    Tell the truth Bob, you own a 1978 Honda.

    See what I mean people ?? This Boob lies like a rug.
    duty-honor-country, Sep 24, 2006
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