2001 Concorde

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by margaretsolis, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I have a 2001 Chrysler Concord that has been draining the battery.
    Took it to get checked out and no one has been able to find any short
    or problems with the alternator or electrical.

    About a month ago we noticed the interior lights blinking on and off
    and we figured that was the problem. It doesnt do that anymore.

    Put a battery in last Wednesday and it was dead on Saturday. Only
    lasted 3 days. The shop where took it said it wouldnt hold a charge.
    I have a feeling its not just a bad battery.

    Anyone had similar problems with their Concord?

    margaretsolis, Sep 22, 2008
  2. margaretsolis

    Art Guest

    Can't help with the battery but with blinking lights try working the switch
    to clean the contacts. Chrysler reads resistance to multiplex some of the
    simple stuff and a dirty switch will throw things off.
    Art, Sep 28, 2008
  3. margaretsolis

    Bill Putney Guest

    While some things like cruise control switches are resistance
    multiplexed on a single wire, the interior light dimming is not. It is
    a simple variable resistor wiper whose output goes to the BCM for direct
    reading on a dedicated wire. But you're right that that switch is the
    problem - putting it into a different position or doing as you suggested
    can help.
    Bill Putney, Sep 28, 2008
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