2000 Concorde LXi (1) Exhaust Leak (2) Door Actuator

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by jaygreg, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. jaygreg

    jaygreg Guest

    I’ve got a leak on the drivers side of the engine at the “band
    clamp” (pg 11-7 Fig.7 of the orange 2000 Service Manual). I’m having a
    radiator fan replaced Thursday for the second time in a year
    (passenger’s side failed twice) and since the car can be hoisted while
    there, I’m wondering if there’s some tool they can use to squeeze
    those two components at the clamp. According to the book, it
    recommends taking the entire system down to make such adjustments but
    I can’t imaging repair shops follow that procedure if there’s a short
    cut available.

    In another matter, my driver’s door actuator is buzzing now. This is
    my THIRD actuator on that car. The only one unaffected is the left
    rear driver’s side. Anyone found a source that sells these things a
    significant discount from the $125 or so that dealers want.? Wasn’t
    there ever a technical bulletin issued on these damn actuators that
    gave consumers a break. KeyRiced! At $200 a pop if a dealer does it, a
    guy could have a tidy sum in replacement costs.
    jaygreg, Jul 20, 2010
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