2.5L timing issue

Discussion in 'Sebring' started by maxnpj, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. maxnpj


    Jun 19, 2019
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    2000 Sebring JX conv / 2.5L

    Full disclosure - I am a shade-tree mechanic. I know enough to fix things but I have no depth.

    Crank-no-start condition; ended up replacing distributor; verified engine was at TDC on compression stroke by the TDC mark on the engine block(?) and the mark on the cam sprocket lining up with the mark on the rear of the sprocket housing, aligned distributor "wing" hatchmark to hatchmark on dist body, installed, and then verified rotor was at proper position pointing at #1 position inside distributor. Car starts but runs VERY rough, blows smoke from exhaust, runs by itself for about ~20s then just dies. It will start again but has that same behavior. Verified spark plug wires are correct to distributor. Given the four items to line up (TDC mark, timing belt mark, dist hatchmark, rotor to #1 position) I do not understand how the timing can be off. There doesn't seem to be anything to adjust for the timing...so I just don't know where to look next.


    maxnpj, Jun 19, 2019
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