1997 Voyager - brake warning light on accel after hard stop

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by S.L., Jun 23, 2004.

  1. S.L.

    S.L. Guest

    Hello... over the past week I started getting a brake warning light for a
    few seconds when accelerating immediately after a hard stop... particularly,
    accelerating into a left turn. The brakes don't seem any different than
    before the light show started... pads are low, pedal travel is kind of long,
    fluid level is good, this has all been the case for some time now. The
    vehicle passed NH state inspection (fairly stringent) last October. If it
    makes a difference, the e-brake release doesn't work.

    I'm thinking (hoping) this is probably a bad sensor or microswitch for the
    e-brake pedal, or some similar false indicator? I'd sure appreciate any
    inputs, as we're about to set out on a 800-mile roundtrip!

    Thanks in advance

    Steve L.
    S.L., Jun 23, 2004
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