1997 Plymouth Voyager Fuses

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by W. eWatson, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    Yesterday I took my van to the Chrysler dealer to ask them again about
    the door latches automatically firing at random times. They had already
    spent a few hours trying to solve the problem. I asked if disabling a
    fuse would help, but owners manual showed no fuse for the locks. The
    mechanic found another section that identified fuses in a box inside the
    engine. One was for the latches. Disabling it worked, but turned off the
    airbag mechanism. We put the fuse back in. There are two fuses in the
    engine fuse box for airbags. Probably one for each airbag.

    Is it possible that the manual is wrong about the latches fuse? I would
    think not, but that suggests the problem is somewhere else. Maybe
    something to do with the fuse box itself.

    P.S. my problem on this and others got started when rodents got into the
    engine compartment. The only thing no longer is the latches. It's not
    likely I'm going to continue with repairs. For the moment, I'm just
    going to take the mechanics suggestion that the problem might be weather
    related, dampness, perhaps. In the mean time, I plan to use the van once
    a week just to keep it happy, and some other local driving when I need
    to use it to haul big items--the back seats are stored in the garage.
    W. eWatson, Jan 5, 2011
  2. W. eWatson


    Oct 6, 2019
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    There are door lock fuses in the interior fuse block under the driver side of the dash covered by a black plastic cover with 2 1/4 turn fasteners. (big black plastic heads)
    Fuse #9 (15 amp blue) is for the locks to the BCM
    Morley, Oct 7, 2019
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