1997 Grand Caravan gauge problem-HELP

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by jmargolis, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. jmargolis

    jmargolis Guest

    Recently I got 97 Grand Caravan. When I test drove it the ABS light
    stayed on. When we checked it back at the shop, after restarting it, the
    light was off. They checked it out and replaced the rear brakes and all the
    hardware as well as turning the drums. It's been fine for the last few days,
    but today when the automatic door locks kicked in at 15mph, the ABS light
    came on, digital displays began to flicker, the gauges dropped and
    recovered,and a minute later the battery light came on. When I got home and
    restarted the car, all seemed to be back as it should be. Seems to me it
    might be electronic related. Does anyone have an idea where to start looking
    for the problem. I'm going to recontact the dealer tomorrow and would like
    to have some idea what to tell him. Thanks in advance for any insight into
    this problem.

    jmargolis, Jul 13, 2003
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