1997 1/2 voyager 3.0L 3spd transaxle, 75000mi, just blew up the transmission.

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by xinteerts, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. xinteerts

    xinteerts Guest

    1997 1/2 voyager 3.0L 3spd auto transaxle, 75000mi, just blew up the

    I've owned this from brand new, and always babied the shifting,
    holding back on accelerator , until after the shifts are complete.
    The servicing was done every 25000 mi with a complete flush.

    The transmission shop diagnosis: planetary gear cluster blew up,
    rendering the tranny unfit for rebuilding and a core refund. Had to be
    replaced with another rebuild unit.

    $us2000 later, includes taxes, back on the road, . Have a two year
    warranty. Transmission shop belongs to the association , all over
    north america, and claims to have replaced with all updated parts, and
    should last longer than origional. Had to add cooler, (old cooler may
    have shards in it.)

    Any idea why the failure would have occurred? I was under the
    impression that the trannies are bullet proof, according to salesman,
    when I bought it.
    xinteerts, Jun 17, 2004
  2. xinteerts

    Guest Guest

    Compared to the 4 speed the 3 IS bulletproof - but still not bomb
    proof. I replaced the 3 speed in my 3.0 liter 1988 New Yorker about 2
    years ago at around 200,000KM. In my case, the diff gears let go,
    ruining the case. This is relatively common - ie, if the tranny fails,
    it's a good chance this will be the failure. It is NOT common in that
    it is to be expected.

    In my case I got REAL lucky and picked up a used tranny from a mid
    nineties Sundance or Acclaim (can't remember which) that had been
    wrecked with 15,000KM on it. It sat at the wreckers for a few years
    before the engine was sold, minus the tranny - and they gave me a REAL
    deal on it - $300.00 exchange.
    Cost me another $250 to have it installed ( I did not have the time,
    and I retired from active duty as a mechanic for good reason - my
    shoulders don't take it any more)
    Then the tranny shop offered me more than the wrecker's core charge
    because he had another customer's car in that needed some major parts
    that were still OK in mine, so I came out another $50 ahead and did
    not need to handle the old trans to return.
    Guest, Jun 17, 2004
  3. xinteerts

    jdoe Guest

    I"ve had 2 with those trannies and didn't find them anywhere near
    bulletproof. MOF I've had more trouble with the 3 spds than the 4 spds. I've
    jdoe, Jun 17, 2004
  4. xinteerts

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Hard to say. Sometimes bad things just happen.

    Matt Whiting, Jun 17, 2004
  5. xinteerts

    xinteerts Guest

    xinteerts, Jun 25, 2004
  6. xinteerts

    xinteerts Guest

    97 1/2 voyager 3.0L 3spd transaxle, 75000mi, coolant usage, 2 qts
    every 5000 miles, where is it going?

    -Looked for leaks at under the dash , passenger side, and at carpets,
    all are dry.
    -Parked it on fresh cardboard, to look for wetspots, no luck.

    -No bubbles inside rad so no headgasket leak?
    -Yet the level is down, and have to top up a quart about every 3rd
    fuel fillup.

    -I am using the Chevy extended antifreeze. Would this creat the
    xinteerts, Jun 25, 2004
  7. xinteerts

    Guest Guest

    Maybe you had bad luck. My parents had an '88 Lancer with 3-speed
    automatic which they sold at about 110K to a friend who how has 120K+.
    The transmission is still working fine, with the original oil. The
    Lancer has less motor, a non-turbo 2.5, but it sounds like you kind of
    babied yours and it still broke, so luck may have been a factor.
    Guest, Jun 25, 2004
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