1995 Eagle Vision TSI shuddering

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by NJSS, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. NJSS

    NJSS Guest

    My 1995 Vision has a shudder that occurs during moderate accelration at about
    16-1700 RPM and again, to a lesser extent, at about 2100RPM.

    I've read at several message boards, including one that's based in the north of
    England, near the Scottish border, that the problem is in the transmission.

    My car has 110k miles and is probably worth about US$3,000. Hence, I don't want
    to be saddled with a $3,000 repair.

    Any suggestions about the nature of the problem and about how much it would
    cost to fix would be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    NJSS, Oct 19, 2003
  2. NJSS

    Steve m... Guest

    My 94' 3.5 LHS has had this since 40k miles (purchased used @ 40k). I now
    have 110k on it. My guess on the problem is that it's ignition wire/plug
    related. I think it just plain misses while under heavy torque loads.
    That's the time when ignition misfires will occur just due to the
    circumstances. I've noticed that mine was better for a while after
    replacing the plug wires & plugs last fall (about 30k ago now) . This past
    summer with the AC on it was more noticeable and it seemed like it was
    getting worse than ever before (might have just been my imagination though).
    But lately it might only do it once a week or so and usually just on those
    long uphills when the engine is hot too. Someone on here mentioned that the
    plug wires on these cars have a tendency to arc just at the point when the
    boot goes into the head. I don't know about that but they also mentioned
    that Napa wires have been showing a good success rate so far in their tests.
    I'm thinking of trying them out too soon. After all it's only about $75 for
    plugs and wires if you DIY.
    Also, the xmissions have been known for shuttering and an additive
    (Lubeguard) is the fix for it. It's an Anti-shudder additive that helps.
    I've used it during one of my 20k fluid/filter changes and it did reduce the
    shuddering for about 10-12k miles. At that point it seemed to come back and
    I think the additive package probably wears out. (just a guess and MY
    OPINION) The last change was about 8k ago and the additive is still
    working ok so I don't think I currently am seeing that problem but I do have
    a definate "miss" while under a constant steady load 1500rpm - 2400rpm.
    If you find an answer let us know as there are others that see these
    problems too.

    Steve m...
    Steve m..., Oct 19, 2003
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