1995 Concorde 3.5 Cold start problem

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by Dodgem33, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. Dodgem33

    Dodgem33 Guest

    When the temp drops below 40deg F, it won't start. Been chasing this for
    year and about out of ideas.There no codes. Once it is started it runs great
    and after the first start of the day, it will start all day long. If you
    hold the throttle wide open, sometimes it will sputter and start and appears
    to be rich and will run normally once running. Took it to the dealer for
    computer trouble shooting nothing but $45.00 for the hookup no problems they
    could find. I have checked or replaced the following:
    All vacuum hoses
    Ck'd the electrical connections
    Replaced both 02, MAP, Intake air sensors and cleaned the butterfly and
    Throttle position and idle speed motor cks out electrically.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Dodgem33, Oct 31, 2004
  2. Dodgem33

    maxpower Guest

    For a cold start problem you may want to make sure the coolant Temp sensor
    is reading properly. if it is cold outside and the sensor is reading hot you
    will have a hard time getting it started, Leave the car overnite for a cold
    scan test with a scanner
    Chrysler Tech
    maxpower, Oct 31, 2004
  3. Dodgem33

    mic canic Guest

    first check vacum to see if it's below 15 hg this might help decide if the
    timing belt is off. does the cruise lite come for no reason????
    if it is i would look at the map sensor operation again and then i would take a
    heat gun to the puter and warm it up and if it works more better then on cold
    starts then you are in the ballpark. what about the coolant temp sensor????
    mic canic, Nov 3, 2004
  4. Dodgem33

    ncs Guest

    I'm having a similar problem with a 93 3.3 Please let us know if the
    coolant temperature sensor replacement solved your problem.


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    ncs, Dec 20, 2004
  5. Dodgem33

    maxpower Guest

    If it is one of the sensors i would bet "129%" it is the coolant temp sensor
    giving the wrong signal to the pcm, if it is cold outside and the sensor
    tells the pcm it is hot, it will not allow the injectors to stay open long
    enough for the cold start thus making it stall, back fire and just run like
    crap, The coolant temp sensor has no idea what the acuall temp is therfore
    it will not set a code if it is out of calibration, it will only set a code
    for an open or shorted circuit . A simple scan of the sensor as the vehicle
    is cold with confirm the reading.. Sorry Matt W
    maxpower, Dec 20, 2004
  6. Dodgem33

    Dave A. Guest

    I had a similar problem on the first start of the day but it wasn't related
    to temperature. I have 3.3L 94 Concorde and the problem turned out to be a
    fuel pressure sensor that was easy and inexpensive to replace. I would
    occasionally smell raw gas as it was leaking backwards into the intake. The
    short rubber hose connected to it was also in bad shape from age and needed
    replacement. I didn't have an error code displayed on this problem either.

    Hope this might help.

    Dave A., Dec 27, 2004
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