1995 3.0 auto fan temp switch location

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by corvairbob, May 30, 2023.

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    Aug 10, 2022
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    ok today i took the old girl out for a parade for the mot part it did great. temp stayed around the 1/3 mark. then after driving home on the xway and thru the cemetery and then the short drive from the cemetery to the house then i noticed the temp pegged. so i took out the relay probed for the 12 volt going to the relay input side of the relay and i did not have 12 volts. i put 12 volts on the fan side of the relay and the fan came on so that proves the fan works.

    i kind of figured it may be getting how as the a/c did not want to put out cool air. Anyway i went to the t-stat and i found 2 sensors, it turns out the 1 wire sensor goes to the gage as when i unplugged that the gage went flat.

    i unplugged the other 2 wire plug and i had what looked to be 5 volt on one pin and nothing on the other pin so that may have went to the ecu. so then all of a sudden the fan came on so i took off that 2 wire plug to see if by chance that did control the fan and the fan stayed running.

    i did swap relays from the a/c as the a/c ran and the a/c still ran but the fan did not run so it was not the relay don't.

    so is there another temp switch i'm missing on this engine? i did have the overflow at the bottom of the tank so i replenished that but it was not empty so i do not think the water got below the temp switch by the t-stat.

    can anyone point me to the temp switch that controls the fan? i want to double check to make sure it is not failing. if by chance that 2 wire sensor next to the t-stat is the controller then i'm a bit stumped as to why the fans stayed on when that was unplugged?

    the worst case is i will just add a switch and trun on the fan when in parades on hot days. it did make it to 90 deg today. thanks
    corvairbob, May 30, 2023
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