1993 Grand Voyager 3.0L lash adjusters

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by SBlackfoot, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. SBlackfoot

    SBlackfoot Guest

    So this afternoon I finally get around to replacing the lash adjusters in my
    minivan. They've been bugging the hell out of me for years, ticking until
    the engine has warmed up especially while going up the hill that my driveway
    is at the base of. So off comes the airbox, alternator, valve covers, and
    finally the rocker shafts. Old adjusters out, new ones in, held in place
    with twist-ties until the assembly is bolted into place. Everything torqued
    to spec, new valve cover gaskets and cam end-plugs. I buttoned everything
    up, fired it up, and...

    .... it's ticking WAY worse! It's LOUD, sounds like one tick per revolution
    (maybe 2), and didn't go away once I let it warm up. Before two or three
    would tick away until she warmed up, now one or two scream at me constantly.
    Figures, it sounds like it's coming from that rear valve cover too. I guess
    my question is, did I miss something? Will the adjusters relax and quiet
    down, or did I get a couple of bum parts? I haven't taken a close look at
    the old parts yet but none stood out as being severly damaged (I was more
    worried about keeping the cams in place rather than studying.). Thoughts?
    Suggestions? Hysterical laughter?
    SBlackfoot, Aug 31, 2008
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