1991 Plymouth Acclaim Vibration

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by soulabducter, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. soulabducter

    soulabducter Guest

    I have a annoying problem with this vehicle. When I stop the car (i.e,
    at a stoplight) the entire car vibrates. This vibration stops once I
    remove my foot from the brake pedal. If I gently touch the brake it may
    not happen. The vibration only occurs in forward gears not in reverse.
    Also, if I place the car into Neutral the vibration will go away. Could
    you please tell me what could be. I have already replaced the front
    brakes and a bad CV axle thinking that this would fix the problem and
    it didn't. Please help....
    soulabducter, Nov 27, 2006
  2. soulabducter

    JED Guest

    Check your motor mounts???
    JED, Nov 28, 2006
  3. soulabducter

    NewMan Guest

    I had a 1994 Acclaim which made a nasty vibration sound - just like
    you describe. Put the car in "N" and noise went away!

    In that year there was some sort of heat shield above the exhaust and
    below the fire wall? In any case, it seems that there were only 2
    bolts holding it in, and one of them had fallen out!

    I was thinking this was going to cost me a fortune, and it wound up
    cost almost nothing!

    And if your problem is the same as mine was, and your shop did all
    that work without finding it, then it is time for a new shop! My shop
    found it in about 5 minutes.

    NewMan, Nov 29, 2006
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