1991 LeBaron steering play-gets worse over time

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by billccm, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. billccm

    billccm Guest


    About three months ago I had the steering rack, lower control arm, and
    control arm bushings replaced on my 1991 LeBaron. Total out the door
    with alignment was $724.

    When I got the car back, it seemed to pull to the left. I took the car
    back, they realigned, and when I got it back, it pulled to the right.
    Oh well, I thought, I'll live with it until the next tire rotation.

    Over time, I have had some steering play start to creep into the mix.
    At first it was oh so slight, but now at Interstate speeds you have to
    work the wheel to keep it in a straight line. I drove about 45 miles
    on the Interstate the other night, and it wore my arms out!

    I have read about steering racks being loose at the mount bushing, so
    I put the car up on ramps and looked. Seems like the rack is tight in
    it's mount.

    My wife took the car to the grocery tonight, and now refuses to drive

    I am taking the car back to the shop on Friday; any suggestions on
    what it could be? Is it possible that the rebuilt steering rack is the
    culprit (If it is, I hope they warranty the rack).

    Thanks for any advice, Bill
    billccm, Jun 10, 2009
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