1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager Crazy Speedometer

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by Rob, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    My speedo just starting going nuts all of a sudden. When I am
    driving, needle bounces from 0 to 120 mph. Where should I start
    Rob, Jul 17, 2004
  2. Rob

    Tom Bavis Guest

    Speedometer sensor - It's on top the transmission, but you can only
    reach it from below. Remove one bolt, pop it out, wipe the oil off
    your face, and pop the new one in.
    Tom Bavis, Jul 17, 2004
  3. Rob

    Rob Guest

    This vehicle has a mechanical speedometer, the sensor does not come
    into play at all. A faulty speedometer would mean either the pinion
    at the sensor, the cable, or the speedometer itself is faulty. Of
    course, this did not come clear until after I purchased and installed
    a replacement sensor ($80) as the first step in troubleshooting, with
    no avail. In my case, it was the speedometer itself gone loco.

    As reported, removing the cluster is really not that difficult. The
    trickiest part is the shifter wire. The wire controlling the shifter
    is removed by unclipping a metal retaining clip just under the
    steering column, stretching the wire, and sliding it out from the slit
    it is installed through. There is a little metal clip that is located
    just behind this slit on the wire, keeping the wire in place. You
    have to see this first hand to understand what is going on. Both
    large round plugs come right off and there is a third square plug on
    the right side. The speedo cable is also back there and may come off
    with a good yank, otherwise, the panel under the steering column must
    come off, arm shoved into the general area near the center of the
    cluster, and forced off, feeling your way around.

    After I removed the cluster and took off the front face, I was able to
    remove the speedometer and inspect it. I inserted a small metal rod
    into the speedo cable hole and was able to replicate the crazy speedo
    performance (jerkiness, needle going to 125mph, etc). The odo would
    still not work. I then sprayed a good deal of electronic lubricator,
    this stuff is used for sliding switches and the like, doesn't harm
    plastic, and allegedly lubes. I sprayed it up into the incoming
    speedo cable area and all of the small plastic gears and voila, the
    "dinging" noise disappeared, the speedometer began behaving naturally,
    and the odo began to turn.

    I put it all together and went for a test drive, put about 10 miles on
    it at various speeds. It appears to now work normally, with the
    exception that the "dinging" sound reappears occassionally at speeds
    above 45 mph. If this turns out to not work, I'll get another cluster
    or speedometer and put this problem to rest for good.

    Thanks all for your help. I'll probably be back shortly with
    something else gone wrong on this vehicle, it is going to make a
    master mechanic out of me, it is.
    Rob, Aug 9, 2004
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